Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When you are in pain and feel like your body is in need of a good ol' massage, I'm pretty sure that you'd run to the nearest spa and let them do the work for you. Most times, this could be the perfect remedy, but we keep on ignoring the fact that we have to let the professionals in the industry do the checking for us. Lucky for us bloggers, we had the chance to meet Dr. Ron Samaniego of ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic

The first in the Philippines, I had the chance to talk to Physical Therapist slash Doctor Ron Samaniego and how he managed to have ten clinics around the Metro Manila in less than a year. But before all that, he has already been practicing his craft in the US, as a doctor of NBA players. He even recalls to have been going to the games and observing his patients. 

Here in the country, he hopes to do the same, opening more clinics that are accessible to people. And since we don't have PT doctors here, (only Physical Therapists, Orthopedics) he is hailed to be the first in his practice and already opening doors to clients who needs it (healing) the most. 

"When you pay money, you expect results", he said. And indeed, ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic will surely give you the results that are beyond your expectations. He has also brought the technology that he's been using abroad. 

So why endure the pain? Book for a consultation now. ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic is located at 415 Cityland Tower Shaw Blvd., cor St. Francis Street, Mandaluyong City. They are open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM to 4PM. You may also call them at contact numbers (02) 997-5704 or 0977-2922215.

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