Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March has been a tough month. I feel tired and restless, I can't seem to sleep early, and I feel that I have so many things left to do. So here I am, trying to veer away from the product reviews and just write away.

Lately, I've been trying very, very hard to be tough. With all that's happening in life, little excursions here and there is my outlet. I'm also trying to be not so stressed out with the information overload and big things that are happening not just about me, but the women in my life. 

Just like last year, my Uncle Pol finally got married after so many years. Now I have a new aunt, Tita Lorena. Before, I had Mama, Tita Sol and Tita Pin - all the toughest women I know. With Tita Lorena's addition in the family, I have more to look up to. 

The three of them have all been mothers to me. When my Mom was not around because she has to work in Manila, my Tita Sol and Tita Pin acted like my moms, aside from my Nanay Merced. Tita Sol was the tough one. She helps me in school and basically my whole childhood existence. Tita Pin was the cool mom. When I can't tell the two of my crushes and problems, I rush to my Tita Pin. 

So who run the world? Definitely girls! They all mold me into who I am now. That's why I'm going to cherish this coming Mother's Day more, because they all proved to be tougher than ever. I think I could give them mother rings from here. I know that they all deserve something special. But most specially this coming Lent, prayers are a must.

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