Friday, February 26, 2016

Tayo'y mga Pinoy, Tayo'y hindi Kano, huwag kang mahihiya, kung ang ilong mo ay pango - Francis Magalona

Last week, I had the chance to watch PETA's Three Stars and A Sun - a play set in the future Philippines, where there is extreme weather and threat of globar war is outside The Stormdome, a shelter that covers the entire archipelago.

The Stormdome is divided between two parts, the Lumino City led by Congressman Inky Montevista and the Diliman City, where the troublesome Sol resides. As the two worlds collide, both groups must realize the big problem that's just waiting to happen in Pinasland. 

But with so many cameras, led lights, and Lumino trying to restore peace and order by resetting the memories of the residents, how can they ever look back to their history, where their forefathers lived? And how can they make the country better when everyone has different views on running the country?

3 Stars and A Sun is just timely for the upcoming elections. The play features visionary master rapper Francis Magalona’s music, and it aims to serve as a cautionary tale and a challenge to today’s youth to act together and act swiftly before it’s too late.

Presently, I think most of us are living in our own Stormdome. And this time, we should also act wisely, on the people we would vote for this upcoming elections. This play is an eye-opener that we should love our country more - by putting the right people who would fight for our environment, for our regulations and instill equality.

The set was superb with LED lights and wood. The costumes are very realistic, and the music makes you want to sing along with the popular songs of Francis M. The perfect revelation is seeing Kuya Bodgie Pascua rapping with the younger actors. 

3 Stars and A Sun is directed by Nor Domingo and written by Mixcaela Villalon and Rody Vera. The music was arranged by Myke Salomon. Production Design by Gino Gonzales, Lighting Design by Shoko Matsumoto and Ian Torqueza, Sound Design by Teresa Barrozo and Choreography by Delphine Buencamino.

Nicco Manalo / Gold Villar as Sol
Anna Luna / Jet Barrun as Nazty
John Moran / Nar Cabico as Poy
Lee Villoria / EJ Pepito as Kat
Bodjie Pascua / Raffy Tejada as Mang Okik
Paolo Valenciano / Gio Gahol as Chino
Giannina Ocampo / Justine Peña as Dianne
Che Ramos-Cosio / Carla Laforteza as Congresswoman Inky Montevista
Anj Heruela / Gab Pangilinan  as Chelsea
Jef Flores / Norbs Portales as Winston


Raflesia Bravo / Yesh Burce
Nica Santiago / Gimbey Dela Cruz
Roi Calilong / Jason Barcial
Lance Busa / Ian Segarra


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Special thanks to Converse Philippines for letting us see the show. All sneakers used in the show was provided by Converse.

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