Monday, January 25, 2016

During college, we had a subject called Political Dynamics. There, we talked about the rise and fall of the Philippine Government, the current events and the EDSA Revolution. One character that would always appear during that time is Senator Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan - as he was one of the leaders of the RAM that broke away from the martial law government. I was so happy that I finally met one of the people I've voted for, some years ago as a senator, as he is now running for Vice President in the coming elections.
Some people call him names, being called a coup plotter and power grabber but what we do not know about him is that despite having a huge role during the revolt, he was a family man, now with five grandchildren, and a man principled with God, Country and Family on top of his priorities.

Senator Honasan was seventeen years a soldier, seven years a rebel and eighteen years a senator. He has practiced 42 years of public service and won four times as an independent candidate. I remember voting for him every election he ran because I believe that being a soldier, he is someone who puts the country first in mind. And true enough, he believes that he must serve the highest public interest. 

Asked about his priorities if he wins the VP race, he wants to concentrate on the following:

- Job generation
- Poverty alleviation
- OFW concerns
- Security (in the general sense)

As a soldier, he is concerned about the security of the Filipino people, as he believes that it must start inside the homes. Since the the first basic unit of the country are the familes, we should be secured inside our homes, so we could trust that the political units can also provide security for us. When he explained it to us, it all made sense because what our country needs today is to trust one another and always be consistent. 

Being a senator, the following are the laws he has partaken into:

- Clean Air Act of 1999
- Clean Water Act
- The National Security Policy
- Disaster Risk Reduction Management Act of 2009
- The Solid Waste Management Act of 2000
- Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms Law (CARPER)

Presently, he is spearheading the POGI Bill, formerly Freedom of Information Act, now the People's Ownership and Government Information Act, the National Mapping and Resource Authority Law and the Land Use Act. He has also proposed a Mini-Marshall Plan for Mindanao to help jumpstart economic development, peace and order and political unity. 

He also believes that we must maximize the land use, to further help in national planning and building. He said that we should do an inventory of lands, water and air properties, so we would know how to use our resources properly. 

"When I was a soldier, the lines were clearer. But went I into politics, the lines were blurred. But it is part of the territory", he said. His pet peeve was organized hypocrisy and he wants to amend the local government code to empower all forms by some form of decentralization. 

Currently, Senator Honasan is the Chairperson of the Senate Committees on Agrarian Reform, Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, and Public Information and Mass Media. He also chairs three oversight committees, specifically the Congressional Oversight Committees on Agrarian Reform and Dangerous Drugs, as well as the Joint Oversight Committee on the Human Security Act. He is Vice-Chairperson of the Senate Committees on Local Government, Civil Service and Government Reorganization, Health, Demography, National Defense and Security, Public Works, Rules, and Amateur Sports Competitiveness and a member of 19 major permanent committees and ten oversight committees. 

Senator Honasan's core values are as follows: "God, country, family, sports, healthy mind, healthy body and working with your hands".

After talking with Senator Honasan, I can sense his sincerity and how he can discern what the country needs and how to act upon them. He's not a man of perfection, but in all means, he wants to build a stronger foundation for the future generation. 

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