Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Oppa, Gangnam style. 
Two countries, two cities. That's how I would sum up my 2015. Boarded the plane six times and it was probably my most eventful so far.

This December, I'm not so sure of how I feel during the holiday season. There are a LOT of changes as my brother will soon leave home to work overseas, and I being single. There are so much to be thankful for, as I discovered that I could travel by myself, being able to still be happy despite every question I have in my life, and continue chasing my dreams. 

When I was in Korea, everything feels magical. I felt as if I never wanted to leave. Or maybe because it is a different place where I cannot see or feel every corner of my heartaches. 

As the year is nearing to end, I know I have to say goodbye to a lot of painful memories and look forward to a new beginning. But before that happens, let me introduce you the newest mashup by DJ Earworm, because I look forward to his year-end tribute to the top fifty songs. This must be made with two channel and I've been raving about it since it came out.

Have fun reminiscing guys. My Korea experience, soon on the blog :)1

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