Zoomanity Group Hosts "Dinner in the Dark"


Ever wonder how it is to be blind? Last November 9, we experienced a remarkable dinner that is one for the books. Get the chance to open your eyes with the "dark" condition at a special dinner by the Zoomanity Group. 

I didn't expect for this to be a memorable experience for me. For a night, I experienced how it is to eat without the lights on. This experience made me realize that the blind has to use what's left of their senses to make it everyday. It is hard because you feel crippled that you can't see what you are eating, or whether you'd bump into a wall or something, It made me feel thankful about what God has given me. 

To experience this, Zoomanity Group will host series of "Dinner in the Dark" for the benefit of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines. Guests will have a 30-minute orientation before the dinner and these will be held at different Zoomanity parks and restaurants, from 5PM to 8PM:

November 7 - Zoobic Safari
November 9 - Misono Restaurant
November 14 - Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Clark Pampanga
November 16 - Yakitori Daitokyo
November 21 - Residence Inn, Tagaytay
November 27 - Zoocolate Thrills, Bohol

Experience this once in a lifetime dinner. For tickets, you may contact the Zoomanity Group at (02) 889-9824 -28 or email zoomanity@gmail.com

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