Sunday, November 08, 2015

Not so many people here in the Philippines are familiar with podcasts. Last year, I was one of those who would listen to one podcast program because it is informative and entertaining at the same time. Recently, we were invited at the Mancave of TV 5's Martin Andanar and knew more about his podcast channel,

Newscaster Martin Andanar wanted to do something significant before his 40th birthday last August 2014. He crossed over from radio to TV and wanted to do his one dream - to have his own radio station. But as challenging this may seem, he ventured into something more powerful and modern. Thus, his podcast channel - Podcast.Ph was born. 

Created in his "Mancave" at Pasig City, he already has a roster of personalities who has graced his show. As a broadcaster, he is used to interviewing famous people, but with his podcast, one-on-ones are more intimate and free. He also believes in this medium because it does not have censorship and practices freedom of expression. Notable interviews have been with former President Fidel V. Ramos, Christian Espiritu, and Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Aside from Martin's Mancave podcast, the channel has other programs like Dreamscope by Benjie Felipe, Dear Bayaw by Jun Sabayton, Real Ghost Hunt, Real Crime, Art Beat and more. 

Martin Andanar is definitely breaking grounds with Podcast.Ph and informative formats emerge through his programs. You can download Podcast.Ph through iOs, Soundcloud and

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