Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas time is so near and the holidays are just so tedious. There are parties here and there, and we ladies are not just busy with the preparations, but also with how we look. In fact,  while 8 out of 10 women consistently engage in underarm hair removal to prepare for the season, they may not know that plucking, shaving and waxing actually damage their underarm skin, leading to irritation and bumpiness. That's why its comforting to know that Dove is the deodorant that delivers skin caring benefits and the way to beautiful underarms. 

Now you can finally, finally show your underarms, because Dove can give you real care, whatever season it is. Because it has unique ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove lessens underarm skin irritation due to plucking, shaving and waxing, leaving women with lighter and smoother underarms. Dove is also the most recommended deodorant by dermatologists, as certified during a 2015 Philippine Dermatological Society convention survey.

And as Dove Deo takes care of women’s underarms, Dove now wants to give us ladies a chance to experience real care through a relaxing getaway for two at the Maldives. 

It is just so easy to join this relaxing getaway. For every purchase of the Dove Deo box, available in major supermarkets and retail stores nationwide, you can get a promo code to join the raffle. The Dove Deo Box is available at P89 for Dove Original, and P95 for Dove Ultimate White and Dove Powder Soft. It doesn't just come with your favorite deodorant, but it also comes along with a FREE tote bag. 

Apart from the free tote bag, get a chance to win a beach getaway for two to an international destination by using the promo code found at the bottom of your Dove Deo Box. Just text DOVE DEO PROMO CODE to 2600. The winner will be contacted directly by the Dove team, so watch out for it!

Join the #DoveDeoGetaway, and experience real care with Dove Deodorants.

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