Sunday, October 18, 2015

I've been racking my brains for weeks because I couldn't complete my South Korea trip itinerary. Yes, finally, our Visa was finally approved that I now have the guts to talk about it. All thanks to Michael of Planwise Travel Services, getting it was so easy-peasy. 

A scene from Queen In Hyun's Man

Everytime I watch K-Dramas, my desire into going to Korea gets really out of hand. I just wanna visit all the places I've seen, or eat at the very table the characters did, or speak like they did. I remember my first out of the country trip to Malaysia, I wanted to meet the love of my life in front of the Petronas Towers because one movie said that if you hold hands with your special someone while looking at it, you will be together forever. And so I went there with my best friends and I knew that we will indeed be, together until the end of time. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace (Image from

So anyway, back to Korea, I have recently finished watching Queen In Hyun's Man and I decided to go to one palace instead for our itinerary - the Gyeongbokgung Palace. The K-drama kind of convinced me to see the changing of guards, its vast history, the happenings that are held inside. I wonder if they had parties in there and whether they use PremierTableLinens - Spandex Fitted Table Cover 6FT Banquet Table. Because, why not? They are effective and got you covered. 

I'm also wishing that there would finally be snow when I go there. See, I wanna experience having my face touch snow, even for one day. That would be perfect when we go to Nami because the trees are lined and you may seem to be in another k-drama as you stroll around. I think Korea would turn me into a romantic again. Or so I hope, 

I must say, this trip will be an adventure of a lifetime. I felt that I've seen most to see about my country, so going overseas is now my kind of adventure. Come November, I'd experience everything there is about the land of Lee Min Ho and kimchi. 

What about you? Where is your next adventure? 

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