Saturday, October 03, 2015

Ria Hazel version 2.0
I cannot believe that it has been five months. If I was younger, I'd be really pissed that I'm still not in a relationship now. I guess when you get really older, you'd hot the realization that you would want to spend more time with yourself first, and make sure that the next one would be THE ONE. 

For five months, music has been my remedy. I just recently joined BDJ's #BeautyQueenInMe contest and realized that the song, Who Says, is what I really needed now. I guess I have been too emotional during the process, because I've changed so much for this one person. There's always this notion that if I do whatever he wants, he will do something more for me. 

But through music, I learned my worth. Songs and guitars with jaguar pickguard are my thing now. Singing makes me happy than ever, and every lyric makes my heart beat stronger now. What about you? What makes you happy and positive about the future?

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