Tuesday, September 08, 2015

51Talk, the fastest growing online English Language Teaching (ELT) platform in China and the Philippines, recently held a day of conference for its e-Educators and celebrated its organizational achievements.

“In 51Talk, we want to continuously groom and develop our teachers so we make it a point to organize events that will bring our teachers together to learn from each other,” said Sues, Country Manager and Co-founder of 51Talk. “We organize events like Walk the 51Talk for our home-based e-Educators to strengthen the relationship between their fellow e-Educators and the 51Talk administration. We want to reignite their passion for teaching through the learning sessions and most importantly, to uphold the 51Talk teaching standards.”

Held at the Crowne Plaza in Ortigas, Pasig City,  started with a brief introduction of the Chinese culture by 51Talk’s Co-founder followed by trainings, raffles, and the highly anticipated awarding of the top 51Talk teachers. The event culminated in performances by 51Talk teachers in the 51Talk’s Got Talent contest.

While there are many online English educators in the country, 51Talk considers their teachers to be the assets of their company. Having this kind of mind-set, the company prides itself on a complete support system for new teachers and continuously improves the quality of their lessons and trainings for their teachers. 

“In the last six months we have grown exponentially and we have a rigorously trained support team to assist our teachers,” said Jen, 51Talk’s Vice President for Philippine Operations. “This passion for quality is why we’re the number one ESL online school in China and the fastest growing here in the Philippines.”

51Talk does not only provide its teachers with room to grow but it also gives its employees a shot at a better life.

“In 51Talk, we give Filipinos time to spend with their family rather than going abroad to work.” said Michele Gumabao, multi-awarded professional volleyball player, inspirational speaker and 51Talk brand ambassador. “We give them time to spend with their family. We also provide them with safety as they no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes.”

“I’ve been working with 51Talk for almost two years now,” said Teacher Nelli, one of the 51Talk Top Teachers (Overall) Awardee for 2015. “What I like about the company is that you can work for them from the comfort of your home. I would recommend working for 51Talk as it gives better compensation and the job can adjust to your lifestyle.”

The 51Talk Top Teacher Award is given annually to the top ten 51Talk teachers who had the most outstanding track records. Teachers were judged based on their reliability, the average service score from their students, booking rate, and tenure.

Walk the 51Talk is the second conference held in the Philippines in 2015. The first leg of the conference took place in Cebu City earlier this year.  Last year, the online English teaching company organized two teachers’ conferences in Baguio and in Manila. 51Talk will continue in organizing teachers’ conferences a platform for their teachers to get to know and to learn from each other.

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