Thursday, August 06, 2015

Oishi starts August with a Wow! Remember last year, when they celebrated its 40th Anniversary at Glorietta, where you can make your own snack and drinks? It was a fun filled celebration that they decided to bring it back this year to make everyone go "O, Wow!"

This August 7, 8, and 9, Trinoma Activity Center will be the fun pit as it will be transformed into an Oishi factory! They will have really awesome booths where you can run and play. 

Your P120 will go a long way at Oishi Snacktacular. For a minimum fee, you can refresh yourself with Oishi Slush C+; your favorite Smart C+ in slushie form! If you’re a big Oishi Choco Chug fan, you would want to cool down with some Choco Chug ice cream at the O-Twirl Booth and top it off with some Oishi Pillows, Wafu Leche Flan and 2 new savory toppings.

You surely wouldn’t want to miss your chance to make your very own Oishi snack at the Make Your Own Snack station! Run and go crazy at the Snack Shack booth as you fill up your limited edition 2 ft. Oishi giant pack with all your favourite Oishi snacks and beverages in 60 seconds! Fun, right?

Oishi, being the brand that always aims for fresher and more exciting ideas, brings in a new addition to the Snacktacular experience: the Oishi Snack Catcher! Remember that arcade game where you try and grab treats with a robotic hand? Well, now you can be that hand! Get strapped up and guided to an enormous pool of Oishi snacks and grab all the treats you can take with your own hands! Some kind of catch isn’t it? I would surely be glad to catch them all and more!

While enjoying all these fun stations, the members of Team O will grace the event with more entertainment and performances. Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Ramon Bautista, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla will be joined by Oishi’s newest endorser for Crispy Patata, the beautiful and funny Alex Gonzaga. Oishi and Team O are upping the O, Wow! factor of this year’s Oishi Snacktacular! Now talk about fun and excitement!

Don’t miss your chance to party with your favorite Team O members and bring home a whole bunch of your favorite snacks and other goodies! 

For more information on this O, Wow! event, log on to or visit Oishi’s Official Facebook page at See you all there!

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