Friday, June 26, 2015

I've seen After the Ball with Krystle last week and I loved it. It's sort of a Cinderella story, but it has a different twist, because it is a modernized and fashionable version.

Kate is a designer who's straight out from college and wanted to work in his father's clothing business. Sadly, the once fashionable Kassell corporation, has been turned into a corporate wear brand, headed by her stepmother, Elise, with her stepsisters, Tannis and Simone.

The dresses from After the Ball
With her skills and determination, Kate wanted to prove her father that she can turn the company around, but Elise destroyed her plan, saying that its fault that their designs leaked out. To enter the company again, she had to disguise herself as Nate, a budding designer, so she could still work with her designs and expose Elise and her evil plans.

Kate as Nate

This romantic comedy film does not just give you that romantic touch, but it focuses more about family. Since Kate and her Dad aren't that close, she made sure to get the approval of her father, by making designs that honor the once fashionable Kassell Corporation. 

I kind of embraced this movie because I love fashion, and this film breathes it. The clothes in it are ones I could definitely buy and wear. If I were Kate, I would even put it in catalogs to boost her collections. They make a catalolog for anything you can imagine. And Daniel can even advertise his shoes too.

Giving this movie four stars because it is really entertaning and exciting to watch. Plus, Mr. Big is Kate's dad here. 

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