Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I miss doing beauty posts! Mostly, my posts have been all about food, tech and well, more food. Anyhow, since we are mostly girls in the office, one of our bosses would bring in a new lipstick brand or makeup and during our break, we'd try them all. And right now, I am raving about Rimmel's Berry Rose. 

Berry Rose swatch
Rimmel is a make-up brand in London. My officemate says its like a drugstore brand overseas, so this is like an inexpensive brand of lippie. Out of the three shades that she has, I fell in love with Berry Rose because it makes me look girly and blends well with my skin type. 

Also loving its purple packaging. Just like royalty

Right now, I'm searching online for this brand. Anyone can tell me where I can buy this? I'm seriously making this my color of the year. Ta Ta, ladies! Tell me, what is your favorite lippie color? :)

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