Saturday, May 09, 2015

Potato Potato! I've discovered the newest potato place in town, Spud Buds! And this Mother's Day, you can snack on it while watching a movie, or hanging out with the best girl in the world.

Spud Buds is located near the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. They serve four different flavors of Ultimate Potato Skins (Bacon and Cheese is my favorite!), Spuds Balls and Flavored Shoestring Potatoes.

The Ultimate Potato Skins feature the flavors: Bacon and Cheese, Mexican Picadillo, BBQ Chicken and Texas Chili. For my Mama, I would definitely pick BBQ Chicken because she loves these kinds of flavors.

Spud Buds may be new to your ears, but this is different from other potato shops. Some make fries, or hashbrowns, but the highlight of the store is the Potato Skins, and we all know how healthy potato skins are, right?

Know more about Spud Buds by following them on IG at @spudbudsph and SM Mall of Asia on Facebook at

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