Remington Hair Grooming Brand is Now in the PH

UK Brand Remington has been a number one choice in personal grooming since 1937. What started out with shavers for women who wants hair free underarms and legs evolved as a pioneer in hair grooming technology. In 1960, they introduced plug free shavers, and the rest was history.

F3800 Foil Shaver

I, for one, am a believer that personal grooming is important for men and women. When you present yourself in the best possible way, people tend to look up to you, and it makes you feel better inside and out. And now, personal care is within our reach as Remington is now available in the country to help us in grooming, depilation and shaving.

Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer

"We are excited to bring to the Philippines the most trusted brand in hair care, grooming, depilation, and shaving. Remington is a brand that has been around for more than 70 years, in 85 countries. Remington products are not just about exceptional quality, it brings forth a transformation for its users- giving them the confidence that comes from looking their best and being ready for anything," said Clarence Cu, president of Tocoms Philippines, the exclusive distributor of Remington.

Lithium Powered Hair Clipper

Indestructible Hair Clipper

To keep your man looking sleek, Remington has shavers and body trimmers that have been designed to deliver several options for shaving lengths - from smooth to a one-inch stubble. It does not just address the needs of your man, but it also gives the best grooming experience.

Dual Track Shaver

Lithium Powered Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Did you know that their product line for shaving is the most popular in the world? They are proved to be highly efficient and innovative especially in the US and Europe.

iLight Pro

As for us ladies, Remington also makes it possible to have the smoothest hair free result, minus the pain.

Ceramic Straight

And with fashion trends changing by the minute, Remington allows you to style your hair, without the hassle and providing the best results. They have the Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener, that gives glow to your hair. With this, you never have to ask your salon to put harmful chemicals to your hair anymore, just so your hair would be beautiful.

Pro Spiral Curl

I've tried their Pro Spiral Curl and I loved it! It has a 19mm barrel for defined tight curls. If you think about it, it saves you more time styling your hair. I remember using an unknown brand of curler one time, and it took me two hours just so I could have curls that actually stick in place. After trying Remington's curler, it just took me fifteen minutes to curl my hair. And imagine how long my locks are for it to actually work.

Keep in mind that having good grooming products does not just save you time, but also your efforts. And I'm proud to tell that Remington has the absolute answer to your needs. Remington hair care, grooming, hair depilation and shaving products are now available in leading appliance and department stores nationwide.

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    Remington is the best product. I use it for shaving my hair.


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