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Last week, the biggest traffic in the history of Metro Manila happened when they closed parts of EDSA, from Santolan to Shaw Boulevard for the People Power celebration. Since my usual way is at Shaw, I was greatly affected, that I got to the office at 10 AM. Imagine how stressful that was, telling my boss that I was stuck in traffic and it was scorching hot. That moment, I knew I needed a break. Thanks to the Zenyu Eco Spa at Hotel H20, what supposedly a bad day turned completely different. 

"I am not flexible enough" - that is always my excuse whenever a friend would ask me to go to a yoga session. In reality, it is true because my height is not proportional with my weight, and I have a hard time reaching for things because I'm petite. I remember trying out an instructional yoga video and giving up after five minutes because what I was doing is completely different from the one I was watching. Then an invitation to try out a Hot Bed Yoga happened. And I was happy enough to tell you that I finished the session without paralyzing myself, thank you very much. 

So what is a Hot Bed Yoga, if you may ask? This is one of the treatments in Zenyu Eco Spa where they provide you complete healing by means of the negative ions. Ecoparadise Japan recognized the power of nature with studies on negative ions. Thus, formulating a deoxidizing solution that combines plastic, paint, wax, bricks, tiles, and other building materials. 

The Hotbed 
The solution mimics the bounty of nature and produces negative ions. Negative ions are free-air molecules that help stabilize the effects of free radicals and positive ions. Why do we need to stabilize positive ions? Because they can mutate and wreak havoc in our immune system that allows bacteria and viruses to affect us.

Yoga On. (Photo credits to Jeman)

Hot Bed Yoga focuses on four different channels: Core, Hip Opening, Back Bends and Twists. The class I was into focused on the core exercises. Remember that I was not flexible enough? Our yogi (Yoga Teacher) tells us perform according on how we can reach. Since we are in a hot bed room, the floors and the whole room is in a slightly moderate heat that I was sweating non-stop. Not only does it help you lose weight, hotbed therapy can also help you treat degenerative diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer. 

Prepping for the 60 minute massage
After the Hot Bed Yoga, I had the 60 minute massage. It was a refreshing day for me that I felt the stress was completely gone. Zenyu Eco Spa even has a fish spa where you can enjoy, if you're not that ticklish. Since I was alone after our session, I made it a point to also try it and it was really cool. I feel like all the dead skins on my feet were gone.

Fish Spa
Hotel H20 is the ONLY Negative Ion Hotel in the world and Zenyu Eco Spa will definitely make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. These alternative treatments will help you feel more energetic to go on with the daily bouts in life.

Enjoying the fish spa
Zenyu Eco Spa is located at the 3rd Level of Hotel H20, Manila Ocean Park Complex, Luneta, Manila. The Hot Bed Yoga will be available starting March 15, with a rate of Php750/class. Zenyu Eco Spa's Services include Massage Services, Hotbed Treatment, Full Body Fish Spa, Body Scrub, Pre-Natal Massage, Facial w/ Ageloc, Celdran Foot Bliss, Manicure and Pedicure. 

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They are open every Sunday to Thursday from 10AM to 11PM and Friday to Saturday from 10AM to 12MN. For reservations, you may call (02) 238-6190. 

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