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Locavore means getting your ingredients within a 100 mile radius. For us Filipinos, Locavore is a superb gastronomic experience found at Kapitolyo, Pasig City. And I'm proud to say that I got to try and enjoyed their wonderful dishes.

I'm a big fan of local dishes. Everytime I travel, I always make sure that I try out the local delicacies a certain province has. And it's so cool that Locavore do not just have quite a variety of local dishes, but they also had a version of them with a twist. For our appetizer, we had Singkamas, Manga at Bagoong (Php180). How cool is that? I believe this is absolutely perfect for summer!

Next, we had the Fried Oyster Sisig (Php380). I love how different this dish has become with the oyster in it. This seafood special is a mixture of sinful and healthy. Or if you want something more sinful than this, you can opt for their Lechon and Oyster Sisig. Yum!

Tusok-tusok anyone? This throwback set-up of the Streetfood Platter (Php200) makes me remember my college alma mater. I can still remember going to Asturias Street with my friends and buy fishballs and kwek kwek. Locavore's version even has three different sauces that you can choose from. 

But speaking of sinful, isn't there more to it than having this Boneless Lechon Belly(Php550)? This Cebu-famous lechon is made tastier with Pinakurat, Bagoong Dipping Sauce, Pickled Red Onion and Cucumber. And this is always crunchy. Oh, how my mouth waters right now.  

I don't know why Locavore loves Talaba, but their Tortang Talaba (Php300) is divine! This Kalibo oyster is really tasty and given another twist. Who would have known that oysters can be turned into this? I could have breakfast like these everyday. 

Another yummy Locavore creation is the Ginataang Kalabasa (Php390). Now this is perfect if you love rice, to even out the squash and the porkchop and shrimp. See how they do not scrimp on the ingredients? This only proves that Filipinos has a lot to offer when it comes to food. 

It's sizzling, it's Sinigang! This Sizzling Sinigang (Php530) is enough to make you full, while having a taste of a local favorite. Locavore made it sure that it didn't sacrifice the quality of the usual sinigang, but instead, gave it a new prospective by using Beef Short Ribs. 

I was never a fan of Dinuguan. I don't like blood, until now. This Dinuguang Lechon (Php550) is different because you would taste more of the lechon, than the dinuguan. I'm looking forward to having more of these soon. 

What do you usually imagine when served with Kare-Kare? It usually is orange in color and has this thick sauce right? Locavore's Kare Kare Wings (Php290) has that glaze, but this is sweeter and much more delicious. This dish is perfect with beer. Definitely with beer. :)

Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken (Php240) is not so hard to love. This is Locavore's House special, and I would not be surprised if this is a favorite among their dishes. This sweet and flavorful dish is the highlight of my day, because, fried chicken.

Lastly, Sugpo con Mayonesa (Php650) made us fall in love over and over again. Have you seen how huge their prawns are? The Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns reminds me of Boracay. Because they are abundant in seafood at Visayas, I can't help but wish I'm at the beach. But for us in the Metro, this is a must-order in Locavore. 

For your sweet tooth, they also serve desserts like Torta Manga, Turon con Leche and Bicho Bicho, as they are some of the favorites. My favorite would be the Torta Manga because the mangoes even out the sweetness of the dessert. 

Locavore offers more dishes and I'm pretty sure that you'd enjoy not just what we reviewed, but also their versions of Chori Burger, Thrice Cooked Pata, Kinilaw, and the like. This place is best enjoyed with friends after a long day's work, or with you family, if say, you'd like a hearty reunion. Just make sure to get there early because the place can get packed really fast. But I can't blame them because their food is really great. 

Locavore is located at #10 Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City. For reservations, you can visit their website at You can also stalk their yummy dishes at Instagram at 

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