Monday, March 30, 2015

Working at Ortigas Center for six years, I have been to hotels within the area for meetings and conferences. I only know about the Linden Suites because they have this quaint restaurant at the back of their building and I've spent quite a handful of times there. At present, The Linden Suites has just finished renovating its facilities and are now more committed to serve more clients. 

Board Room
The Linden Suites is located on San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas Center. It's so close to work, so I wouldn't mind staying there one of these days, especially now that it's summer time. And with its new look, I'm pretty sure that the Linden will let you experience comfort in a new way.  

Did you know that Linden is named after a tree known for giving rest to the weary traveler? A little bit of history, back in the day when there were still no cars and people traveled on foot, they would stop at a Linden tree to rest under the shade of its wide branches. That vision was embodied by The Linden Suites and aims to provide its clients spacious rooms and fresher facilities to enjoy. 

Mr. Dominic Dorol, General Manager, welcomes us at The Linden Suites
Aside from their Boardroom and Business Center, you can choose to stay at their Deluxe Rooms, One Bedroom Suite, Two Bedroom Deluxe, Two Bedroom Suite, Three Bedroom Suite and Penthouse. And by the way, these rooms are made more spacious than ever. You don't have to scrimp in a tiny space like some business hotels. They make sure to experience space, comfort and style. 

One Bedroom Suite
Two Bedroom Suite
When I was invited to check out The Linden Suites, I never thought that they have rooms that big. Since we played ala Amazing Race, we got to see them and roam around. I can imagine a whole family fit inside, or having a slumber party with my friends. I hope I'd get to experience that too. 

Aside from their 168 rooms and suites, The Linden boasts their culinary offerings at Mesclun, where they have an international buffet. This, I'm so excited to try. 

The Gym
At Linden Suites, relaxation is also a priority. They have a Health Club where you can keep up on getting fit with their fully equipped gym, a Jacuzzi Hot Tub and a temperature controlled indoor pool. I think that we kind of lost during the game because I was so in awe with their swimming pool. I wanted to dive in then and there. Just by looking at it, I feel so refreshed already. 

Indoor pool
See how business and pleasure can definitely mix? This is possible with The Linden Suites. You can find them at #37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For reservations, you can call them at (632)638-7878 or visit their website at

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