Wednesday, January 28, 2015

There's always something new to learn everytime I go out with my officemates for lunch. You'd know who eats healthy food, or who wants value for their money, and the like. One day, I learned that some wants the meat part, while the other loves big parts of the chicken. Good thing I told them to spend the lunch hour at Wendy's because their Fried Chicken is now BIG and MEATY! 
So I have this officemate, Ron, who loves the meat in his chicken. He usually gives us the skin part to indulge in. Wendy's Big and Meaty Fried Chicken comes in two variants: Ala Carte (Php86) and Meal (Php99). 

The price range is perfect for us, young professionals and those who live within the budget of say, 100 for lunch because you'd have the full meal already. The verdict on its size? It's definitely big, alright, and it's not too salty. It also lives by its name - MEATY, because I didn't feel like bitin with my order. Plus factor? Perfect for people on the go. Especially when you just have a one-hour lunch period. 

You can order the Wendy's Fried Chicken with their yummy Spaghetti, with Macaroni Salad or by two pieces. 

Aside from the Wendy's Fried Chicken, did you know that their Salad Bar is back? I know, it's kind of nostalgic when you see these salad bars come to life again. You can customize your own salad (again) for just Php199. Just how often do you see a fastfood that also serves healthy offerings? 

So do you think you deserve BIG? Visit your nearest Wendy's store and see for yourself. To know more about their promos, you may visit their Facebook Page at Wendy's Philippines

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