Wednesday, January 21, 2015

With healthy living as its first priority, the world's No.1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand Nutrilite celebrates its 80th Anniversary with the Philippine leg of the Nutrilite Health Run. Advocating wellness and healthy living, the run will be held in three key cities in the country, which already covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. 

The Nutrilite Health Run will happen this February 22 at the Blue Bay Walk for its Manila leg. The second event is on March 1 at the Amway Distribution Center in Davao, while the final leg will be in Cagayan de Oro City.

"Wellness has always been the Nutrilite advocacy since it was first introduce 80 years ago. Through this series of runs, we want to encourage more people to put a premium on their personal wellness. We want more people to eat right, take in the right supplements and exercise," said Leni Olmedo, Country Manager, Amway Philippines. 

To join this exciting event, you can register at all Amway Distribution Centers and via the Colorurlife Facebook fan page from January 5, 2015 onwards. The registration fee is PhP 300 for all categories. 
Assembly time will be 5:00 am for the 3k and 5k categories, and 4:30 am for the 8k. Gun time is 5:00 am for the 8k, 5:20 for the 5k, and 5:30 for the 3k. Nutrilite is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Amway.

Are you excited? I can't wait to join my second run. See you at the gunstart!

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