Friday, November 28, 2014

As the Yuletide Season is finally here, celebrations are inherent in the country. Just like last Sunday, we got to witness the Higantes Festival at Angono, Rizal, where thousands of people had a feast, fun and a whole lot of excitement in one afternoon. And a big part of that celebration is because of Ariel, powered to be better in just one wash.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in Quezon Avenue, Angono, Rizal. Families were all waiting for the lunch that was about to be served and the fun games that they were all going to be part of. I too, was so excited because "fiestas" are fun. I remember when I was a kid, every third week of May was always a joy for me because I get to play different games and we'll go house hopping as the neighbors invite us to eat what they have prepared.

In Angono, large tables with white linens were lined up along the street. But on the side, drums and washbasins await, because if there were to be a feast, there surely be stains and dirt afterwards. It is inevitable, but Ariel came in handy. 

"Higanteng Mantsa" comes with "higanteng" responsibility 

After the hefty lunch at the Higantes Festival, Ariel assigned Ning and I to be the "stain inspector" and check how much stain were made in just a few minutes. We picked eight tables with tough stain to see if Ariel is proven to be better in one wash and can withstand the higanteng challenge.

At last, the washing saga begins! Mothers from different barangays dealt with the food stains and dirt made during the feast. As someone who's tasked to wash our clothes in our house, I can feel how hard it is to scrub and rub endlessly, just to make sure that what we will wear is clean and fragrant.

The Judgement

I am a proud and loud stain inspector! And as such, it is exciting to really check if Ariel withstand the challenge. You know those before and after commercials that we see on TV? I thought that they were made just for show business. That's why I can't believe what my eyes are seeing. It's really true! Ariel is definitely better in 1 wash. 

In a span of few minutes, it is proven that Ariel can make your clothes whiter,cleaner and spot-free! When they had the parade of linens, it is visible how clean Ariel performs on tough stain. And I have to commend the brand on how they save time and effort in washing. Now you don't have to do your laundry multiple times just to get the stains removed.

Are you now convinced of the power of Ariel? It's definitely a Higanteng Linis + Higanteng Tipid. And with these combination, you can show your Higanteng Pagmamahal to your family more than ever.

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