Thursday, November 13, 2014

Few weeks ago, I received an invite telling me that something special by Romulo Cafe is coming my way. Truly, this October 24, Catering by Claudia's the official catering arm of the Romulo Food Group (the pioneer business of husband-and-wife tandem, Enzo Squillantini and Sandie Romulo-Squillantini), introduced the signature food of the Romulo restaurants through a ten-station grand buffet at the Romulo Lounge. It was a hearty lunch that everyone enjoyed.

The Romulo Lounge was filled food stations that represent the signature dishes of the Romulo restaurants. With over three generations of heirloom recipes and traditions, their cuisines are inspired by General Carlos P. Romulo – the first Asian President of the United Nations General Assembly and proud Filipino diplomat.Affairs hosted by Gen. Romulo delighted their guests with the delectable food selection served and enjoyed by their international guests.

Chef Jerry dela Torre, RFG Head Chef
The Romulo Food Group is composed of various restaurants: the Romulo Lounge, Claudia's Kitchen, Cerchio, Tito Chef and Catering by Claudia. The recipes which are part of these restaurants were offered by Catering by Claudia for us to experience the different taste of the world's cultures and also to celebrate the 69th Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations. 

Enzo Squillantini, Romulo Food Group CEO
They are proud to present how they imbibed a Filipino twist to these international dishes. If your'e going for impeccable dishes, have the calabaza soup, a combination of humble calabaza with carrots to deepen the color. The addition of cumin spice creates a musky, earthy flavor while the crostini compliments it with a different texture. The breads are another favourite specially prepared by their own ovens and soon to be available on the market.

Do you love local? Try the Romulo Salad, with kesong puti and ripe mango as the dressing, they also have Relleno de Pollo prepared on toast for starters. 

Paella Valenciana
Another stellar offering is the Paella Valenciana, a rich savoury fiesta of seafood, chorizos, vegetables and rice cooked with Saffron and Sofrito. Another favorite is the Poached Salmon with youghurt and dill sauce. And you know, I can't get enough of chicken so I enjoyed the Roasted Chicken with sundried tomatoes and pesto sauce.

Romulo Garden Salad
Calabaza Soup
Balut Pate

Being international also means having our neighboring countries present. They have a sushi and dimsum station presenting the signature dishes prepared by the Romulo Food Group. Indulge in Smoked Bangus Roll and Hiroshima. For Italian lovers, find the pasta station where you can find different types of pasta dishes. And lastly, the sweet tooth has a place in their buffet as there is a wide selection of cupcakes and sweets.

Catering By Claudia bring nations together with their different cuisines as Filipino, Spanish, French and other. It's an around the world experience into one. To know more about their sumptuous buffet, visit their Facebook Page at

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