Sunday, September 07, 2014

Homey and rustic - these are my first impressions when I entered Bistro Remedios. Just like their sister restaurants, Cafe Adriatico and Abe's, they never failed my palate again. And as they turn 30 this 2014, they have added five flavorful dishes to satisfy your Filipino food craving. 

Bistro Remedios is a regional restaurant because they take time to travel all over the Philippines to look for new dishes to add to their menu. Founded by the late Larry J. Cruz, they boast of Filipino specialties to be enjoyed by many. And now, here are more of their signature dishes as they turn 30 since they opened during 1984:

Lechon Kawali sa Gata
If most of their sister restaurants offer Lechon Kawali, Bistro Remedios added a twist in their fried pork belly by putting coconut milk. Can you see how this compliments both dishes? It's sinful yet healthy because of the coconut milk. I never realized that this could be a good combination. 

Pininyahang Baboy
The most popular version of this is chicken, but Bistro Remedios offers Pininyahang Baboy, a dish also simmered in coconut milk with stewed pineapple and vegetables. I love the combination just as same. This dish has full of zest and it is sure to be healthy as well. 

Adobong Hito
I have always been proud of my Dad's roots and Adobong Hito, is one Ilonggo favorite that you must try at Bisto Remedios. This is recommended for the seafood lovers out there. 

Sinugba Platter
Do you love going to the beach? This Sinugba Platter, served with grilled Cebuano style chicken, a hefty serving of prawns and pork belly and achara with spicy vinegar, makes you feel like you're going for a "grillfest" with your family. 

Pandan Delight
Did you know that the english name of Pandan is Pinescrew? That's something I learned from Bistro Remedios. This Pinescrew Cake is not too sweet, but enough if you're craving for dessert. 

Chocnut Cheesecake
We've all heard of different versions of cheesecake, or doughnut, but Bistro Remedios offers a Filipino twist with the Chocnut Cheesecake. Since chocnut is one of my favorite munchies while growing up, this cheesecake is an instant favorite! I'd definitely recommend this to my friends. 

And while we're at Bistro Remedios, we, foodies, got to try their signature dishes and their best sellers. I also got to try out their exotic dishes, the Fried Frog Legs and Crispy Fried Crickets. My favorite would be the Crispy Tadyang "D Original" because it is flavorful, while maintaining crisp and tender. 

Paco Fern Salad
Frog Legs
Sinuteng Baby Pusit
Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas
Crispy Tadyang "D Original"
Kalderetang Kambing
Gule Magalang
Maja Blanca Remedios
Turon with Langka
After 30 years, Bistro Remedios continues to surprise their customers with delectable offerings. They are also recognized by the Department of Tourism as one of the restaurants to visited by the foreigners when in the Philippines.  

Try Bistro Remedios and be proud of your Pinoy roots. It is located at M. Adriatico Street, across the Remedios Circle in Malate, Manila. The restaurant is open from 11am-3pm and 3pm-11pm on Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays; 11am-3pm and 3pm-12mn from Fridays to Saturdays. For those who prefer private dining, Bistro Remedios has function rooms that can accommodate 12 to 50 persons. 

For more information on Bistro Remedios, please call 5239153, 5229163 or visit us at or like us on facebook/LJCRestaurantGroup.

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