Thursday, September 04, 2014

It's two hours after twelve and the greetings are starting to pour in my Facebook Timeline. It's really amazing how time flies. When I was younger, I'd wait for a birthday card from my Dad because he's mostly abroad.During my 11th birthday, I remember him sending me a "Happy 11th Birthday Card". I was amazed because I didn't know back then that there were cards made for a specific age. I also had one where there are chocolate brands inside and you can claim free chocolates on your birthday. Sadly, claiming the treats are only for U.S. residents. 

This year and on this day, everytime I open my Google account, I would see that Home Page. It's not that hard to please me. And if something goes wrong on my birthday, that photo above would make it all worth it. It's also a good thing they aren't real because I'd have to look for plus size yoga clothing and work out for months. Especially this year when I have two weddings that I have to attend to. 

But for now, I am thankful for the greetings, and gifts that I have already received. The boyfriend gave the earliest birthday present last July because I've been bugging him that I want a pink Instax this year,which he gladly obliged. This year, I can also see a miracle unfolding before my eyes. I'm not sure if we're finally beginning to mature, but I am thankful.

Most of all, as I turn a year older, I am thankful for I realized the value of friendship and the love of the family. That sometimes, they'd drive you crazy, but when things get tough, they will always be with you no matter what. And above all, I have God who loves me more than anyone and anything else in this world. He who never fails to love and take care of me even if I feel that I sometimes don't deserve it. 

It's raining outside... just in time. Rain and my birthday is always a perfect combination. It only shows how blessings are pouring my way. :)


Happy Birthday BFF! You deserve all the blessings you are currently receiving because you are such a wonderful person. I'm really glad that we became friends - Best Friends! I Love You so much! Alam mo yan!! enjoy your special day!


Alam mo yan honored ako maging bff mo! Hihihi. Love yew see you later!


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