Sunday, August 24, 2014

When you hear the word BUFFET,what usually comes into mind?  Mine usually says here's the non-diet days again. But since I don't usually go on a diet, here's one buffet that the girls will surely love - Clothes Buffet Manila!

It's usually hard to find clothes with my frame. Sometimes, I can buy from Medium or Large, so I refrain from online shops with free sizes. With Clothes Buffet Manila, you can pick a whole ensemble then and there for 15 minutes.No hassle included! And now, you don't have to worry about a week's (or even a month's) OoTD.

Clothes Buffet Manila only has one rule - Pick It, Zip it, Keep It! You will be given a 33cm X 23cm Buffet Bag before you get inside the Buffet Floor. There, you can pick how much clothes you can fit inside the Buffet Bag. After the 15 minutes are done, you will bring your clothes at the validation area and you get to keep the clothes forever and ever!

Since I love buffets, this concept is something that will not make me fat. Instead, it will make me feel good when I get home. I heard some of the girls who attended the trial run got at least 8-15 pieces. And most of them are the latest collection from signature brands! How awesome is that? Thank you for the girls from Penny Productions for thinking of this crazy yet fabulous concept. 

So save the date ladies, this buffet extravaganza runs this October 17 and 18, 2014. You can book your slots now via and discover how to be fab and fashionable without breaking the bank.


Wow. Awesome concept. Thinking about joining. :D



Me too! Cant wait for October. I heard may signature brands daw so this is a good event :)


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