Monday, August 18, 2014

How well do you present yourself to the world? Last August 8, Vitress, the country's number one hair cuticle coat and hair polish gave us a chance to strut at the catwalk with our sexy beautiful hair and meet their newest "It" girls - Solenn Heussaff, Kim Jones and Gretchen Ho

Solenn, Kim and Gretchen
The three "It" Girls told us how Vitress helps them keep their hair sexy beautiful. As for Solenn, she said, “When I first entered showbiz, I constantly had to curl or blow-dry my hair. I saw how damaged my strands became, so I looked for ways to protect and repair them. Aside from regular treatments at the salon, I use Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat before and after blow-drying or curling my hair to protect it and add extra shine.”
Kim Jones
TV Show Host and Model Kim Jones is always a camera favorite. If you follow her on IG, you'd see how much beautiful photos she has, and Vitress gives her hair the extra advantage. She said, "It's one of my favorite products to keep with me when I'm shooting for my blog and there's no hairstylist or when I'm running around town doing errands."

Gretchen Ho
Volleyball superstar Gretchen Ho is the third Vitress brand ambassador who truly embraces the product because of her active lifestyle.  "I'm happy and grateful to be chosen as one of the newest endorsers of Vitress. I've been using this product for my hair problems and it's such a delight that I get to share this hair secret with everyone now", she says. Because she's always on-the-go, she uses the Vitress products to take care of her precious locks. 

I am the HAIRFIE Queen!
I, too, got the chance to be a Vitress It Girl by strutting at the catwalk. After using the Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat, my hair became shiny and straight. With only a small amount of the product, it's like a salon day for me in an instant! I instantly became a Vitress convert. Now I don't leave the house without it. 

Solenn talks about her Vitress Solenn Cuticle Coat

What I love most about Vitress is it doesn't smell like your ordinary hair oil product. The Vitress Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat, which was designed by Solenn Heussaff, has a powdery sweet scent, it makes you feel fresh. 

Take a pick among these awesome products
Choose the right Vitress product for you. The Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat has a special serum that wraps and seals each strand of your hair to prevent damage and breaking. To tame stubborn curls and way hair, the Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat gives you a naturally straighter look. Meanwhile, the Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat restores damage from hair coloring and chemical treatments. If you love to blow dry or iron your hair, Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat has a unique Thermo-shield that protects your locks from the harmful effect of heat. Vitress also has Hair Polish products that gives your hair the more stronger texture. 

With blogger friends at the Catwalk
So do you want to be like Solenn, Kim or Gretchen? Take your pick among these beautiful girls with beautiful hair and retouch without leaving your hair greasy just by using Vitress. For sexy-beautiful hairs whenever, wherever, leave it to Vitress for gorgeous, shiny, and healthy-looking hair always.

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