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Happy Monday! Are you one of the moms who has difficulty on what to prepare for their kids when they go to school? Don't fret, because Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) is excited to share with its loyal customers back to school recipes personally prepared by Chef Ernest Gala. A graduate from the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts, Chef Gala graduated from the Paris Ritz Hotel in France and has worked at the Oriental Hotel in Thailand.

As the summer spell ends and makes way for the school season, Chef Gala whips out dishes one can easily prepare for your child to bring to school—or make baon , with the help of the brand new Samsung RS803 Side by Side Refrigerator and the Samsung Smart Oven.Aside from its uniquely large and spacious capacity (the biggest in the “Side-By-Side” Philippine market yet at 28.7 cubic feet) the RS803 has an all-around cooling feature that will surely keep your ingredients fresher for a longer period of time, storing them to their utmost natural prime.Samsung’s latest technology can definitely add elegance to your kitchen with its classic timesquare finish without sacrificing energy savings, performance, or durability. This model even sports a digital inverter compressor and is so trustworthy that it comes with a whopping 10-year warranty on it!

On the other hand, the Samsung Smart Oven is also a definite kitchen must-have. With its innovative Slim Fry function, the Smart Oven breaks away from your typical Microwave Oven by allowing you to fry food to a crisp without the oil! Not only that, but the Smart Oven is also equipped with unique sensors that allow it to identify the condition of the product before cooking.

So whether your food is frozen, chilled or fresh, all you need to do is pop it into the Smart Oven and make it do all the work.With these two new Samsung products, there is nothing that can’t be done in your kitchen. From freezing to chilling, and heating to frying, Samsung has all your basic kitchen needs covered. Now that you have all you need in your kitchen, you can try one of Chef Gala’s Back-to-School Recipes:


I. 6 cups cooked frozen vegetables (brocoli, cauliflower, carrots) Supermarkets thawed out. Mix with Marinade. Refrigerate 15 minutes in Samsung Refrigerator.

II. Marinade: Mix together:
1 tbsp crushed garlic
1 ginger – sliced. Size of P1.00 coin
1 beef cube
2 cups water mixed with 2 tbsps oyster sauce, 1 tbsp light soy sauce; 1 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsps AA cassava (tapioca) starch; 1 tsp sesame oil.

A. Procedure: Get vegetables with marinade from Samsung Refrigerator. Heat wok. Add ¼ cup peanut oil. Lower fire Add in vegetables. Toss until coated with the oil. Mix until boiling.

B. Transfer to serving platter. Serves 4.


I. 4 cups cooked rice (1 ¼ cups uncooked rice with 2 cups water cooked in rice cooker 25 minutes, yield: 4 cups cooked rice)

II. Mix together in bowl then refrigerate for 10 minutes in Samsung Refrigerator:
2 tbsps dried shrimps (hibe) soak, wash, drain
250g (1 cup) ground beef
2 tbsps light soy sauce
¼ tsp each of salt and pepper
1 egg – slightly beaten
1 tbsp chopped spring onions
100g (1 cup) thinly sliced iceberg lettuce

III. Procedure:
1. Heat Wok. Add 2 tbsps peanut oil. When hot lower heat. Get bowl fromSamsung Refrigerator and pour all ingredients in wok and stir 2- 3 minutes. Add rice. Mix until rice is heated through. Cook few seconds more.

2. Portion unto 4 rice containers.


I. Prepare pressure cooker

II. Mix together and refrigerate for 15 minutes in Samsung Refrigerator:
500g pork spareribs (skin removed) but leave flesh intact – cut into 2 inch long Pieces
1 tbsp crushed garlic
¼ cup chopped spring onions
¼ cup dark soy sauce
¼ cup dark brown sugar
1 tbsp rice wine such as shaoshing
3 segments / petals star anise
2 cups water

A. Procedure: Heat ¼ cup peanut oil in pressure cooker. Get mix ingredients fromSamsung Refrigerator add put on pressure cooker. Mix well. Cover. Put on high fire. When pressure cooker “hizzes”, lower fire and cook 30 minutes. Wait until all pressure is released before opening pressure cooker. Cool cover before washing to save rubber gasket.

B. Thicken sauce with 2 tbsps AA starch dispersed in ¼ cup water.

C. Garnish with 4 leeks cut 3 inches long both ends cut ½ inch. Soak in cold water to curl until ready to use.

D. NOTE: If pressure cooker is unavailable, use 4 cups water. Let boild, then simmer covered 1 hour or until meat is tender.


I. Prepare 4 Black Soup Bowls of 1 ½ Cups Capacity Each
A. For the Chicken Mix together and put in Samsung Refrigerator for 15 minutes:

One whole boneless chicken breast – 250g cut against the grain into thin strips (Julienne)
4 cups water
1 chicken cube
1 tsp rock salt
¼ tsp white pepper

1) Procedure: Get ingredients from Samsung Refrigerator. Put in deep pan. Boil, then simmer covered, 15 minutes. Set aside.

B. For the Noodles: Boil 3 cups water in a pasta pan. Add 180g thin noodles. Cook 3 minutes. Drain under faucet water. Portion unto the 4 bowls.

C. Topping: Cook together until garlic is crispy:
2 tbsps oil
2 tbsps thinly sliced garlic
1 small red chili, sliced (silinglabuyo)

D. Garnish: 1 tbsp chopped spring onions.

E. To Assemble: Pour boiling chicken soup unto the noodles. Top each with 2 tsps garlic and spring onions.

F. NOTE: Red chili is optional.


I. 250g Cream Dory Fish Fillet – slice into 2 inch pieces

II. Marinate in: 1 tbsp light soy sauce; ½ tsp minced ginger; ¼ tsp each of salt and pepper. Toss in 2 tbsps AA starch. Transfer and let marinate in SamsungRefrigerator 5-10 minutes.

III. Prepare oil for deep frying fish.

IV. Batter: Mix in a bowl with a wire whisk
¾ cup all purpose flour
¼ cup AA cassava starch
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp each of salt and pepper
1 egg
1 ¼ cups ice cold water

A. Procedure: Coat fish fillets well in the batter. Deep fry until fish floats. Drain on paper napkins. Set aside on serving platter.

B. For the Sauce: 1 ripe mango – peel, cut into half inch cubes. 1 cup canned mango juice mixed with 1 tbsp AA starch.
1. Heat mango juice – starch in a small sauce pan, mixing well until boiling. Add manggoes. Pour on cooked fish.

2. Garnish with wanseuy (cilantro). Serves 4.

Now you're ready for Mondays! See how easy cooking your kid's meal with Samsung Appliances? To know more about Samsung products, do visit their website at

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