Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Lately, I have been obsessed with nail art. My free times are spent watching Youtube how-to-DIY designs. One of my favorite video bloggers is Sara because aside from doing easy nail art designs, she makes her videos fun to watch. So when BDJ Box posted a sign up poster about nail art tutorial with Revlon on Facebook, I immediately sent an entry so I can be included in the workshop. I was even happier when they emailed me, inviting me to the event. I felt special, as if I had two invites :)

After a few days, they made a poster with my face and nail art on it. I was so kilig! Remember how I was so happy that I belonged to the BDJ Veteran video? I’m actually over the top happy levels when they used my photo. I know. Babaw lang :D

Before the event, I was sporting a cute dotted French tip nail art, but they texted us that we should come with clean, bare nails because Revlon will provide a nail kit. I was so giddy because the nail polishes I use are the cheap ones and would usually last for a couple of days. And besides, I was in love with the nail polishes that Revlon are advertising for the Amazing Spiderman movie. I would actually want that when I make a galaxy design. They told us to be there at 1:30, but since the boyfriend and I see each other lang during weekends, I had to brave the traffic rush from QC to Makati and arrived few minutes after 2PM. (Sorry, BDJ, promise I’ll be early next time!)

When we got to Conti’s, Nicole was already talking about how to properly take care of your nails. Just like my favorite vlogger, it’s always important to use a clear base coat to protect your nails before applying the layers of nail polish. I’m sure you don’t want your nails to look yellowish and pale, right?

After discussing the proper nail care, she presented the different nail art designs that are very cute and easy to do. One easy design is the dotted nails, where almost everyone in the workshop did, given the nail art tools like the dotting tool and a huge toothpick. She also discussed about marbling, but this actually requires a lot of work, and you have to perform this quickly, to get the prettiest result.

When her talk finished, she asked us to do our nail art designs. They distributed these nail art tools and the newest Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel, nail polish remover and base and top coats. When I asked for other colors, they told me that I can use my Revlon nail kit, but I said I didn't received one. Sadly, they said that they are only for the attendees who arrived on time.

Do you know that feeling where it’s as if you’re in school where the cool kids have the coolest pencil box and they can do almost everything with it? That’s how I felt that moment. I was so eager to do different designs but since I don’t have the proper tools, I just settled for the ones I could use. (I was even thinking of bringing my own polishes prior to the event, but since I already got excited that they’d give us our own, I didn't bother anymore)

I had the Revlon Bordeaux Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel as base, and the Pink Pineapple for my dotted design. I love that these new polishes are easy to apply and they are much pigmented. Also, say goodbye to the solvent smelling polishes because this is nice to sniff, they actually smell like flowers! Revlon has 20 color shades of these polishes and has three scents: “Fruits and Florals”, Sweets and Spices and “Freshes”. Some of the colors are already available at the BDJ BOX online boutique ( for Php325.00

When I posted my design, my friend told me that they look like cherry blossoms. And because they smell like flowers, I feel as if I’m turning Japanese all of a sudden. So kawaii!

Three finalists won for their really awesome designs. I just wish I had more polishes to work on with, maybe I could also qualify for the contest, but oh well. J

On a happier note, Revlon products that are used during the workshop is now available at the BDJ Box Online Boutique! Just log on to and start shopping. Again, thank you BDJ Box for hosting the workshop. I really learned a lot from the tutorials and I can’t wait to do more awesome designs. 

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