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Marvelous Alejo, Carlo Orosa, Gerard Sison, Jasmine Curtis Smith and Director Mark Meily
Jasmine Curtis Smith stars in TV5's newest show, "Jasmine". This is a new flavor of mini-series as it is all about mystery and suspense that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. And this June 1, 9:15PM, it is finally airing at TV5 and more. Why more? Read on to know why.

Starring Jasmine Curtis Smith, the show JasMINE plays a fictional character about herself - an indie actress who thrives to be in the mainstream showbiz industry. As she struggles with her daily life as a budding actress while dealing with heartaches, rivalries, awarding and unsuccessful auditions, she also deals with one person who is obsessed to give her all she wants. A name behind "Maskara" is a fan who will do everything even if it means hurting the people around her. 

Jasmine Curtis Smith is JasMINE
The series is different because it is a creation of award-winning advertising agency Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, in partnership with Unitel and TV5. What makes is more unique is they bring Jasmine's story to life 24/7 by existing online and in person. 

One example is how supporting character Wendell Bautista, a famous entertainment blogger and friend of Jasmine’s on the show, has an actual blog, Facebook Page, and Twitterand Instagram accounts—all of which are regularly updated. Wendell has even appeared in blogger and fan events to support Jasmine’s endeavors. You can also see Maskara, who cyberstalks Jasmine to a new level in his digital shrine at

Meanwhile, news about the show, behind-the-scenes photos, and character profiles are viewable on the ‘Jasmine’ Facebook Page, and Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Best of all, TV5 also introduces its TV5 Mobile app which Android-users can tune into while the episodes air. There are a lot of trivia and cool facts about the show. That way, you'll be guided about the show and even win phones, load and a lot more!

‘Jasmine’ co-stars Vin Abrenica, Gerard Sison, Alwyn Uytingco, Matt Padilla, Carlo Orosa, Cai Cortez, Marvelous Alejo, Justine Pena, Nicole Estrada, Jelson Bay, and Meyanne Plamenio. Big names from TV5 are also expected to make cameos throughout the show’s nine-episode run.

Gerard, Jasmine and Marvelous talks about the show
Tune in this June 1 at Jasmine, only from TV5, in collaboration with Ace Saatchi and Saatchi and Unitel. 

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