Friday, June 20, 2014

Pampering is one way of showing you love yourself. As I've said before, loving yourself means having more to give to the people around you. During one of the events that I've attended months back, I pledged that I will take care of my wellness, no matter how stressful it is living and working at the Metro. Good thing I had my first spa experience at Thai Royale Spa in Mandaluyong City.

Before I tell you about my fabulous spa experience, let me tell you Thai Royale Spa’s background first. Opening November 2010, Thai Royale Spa was borne out of love. The owner, Ms. Kate, was a woman of the corporate world. When she got married and her husband needs to work abroad to support their family, they thought of a way for them to settle in the Philippines and build their home here instead. They opened up a business where not only their employees can benefit from, but also the people around them, thus, building a family-friendly spa that we all can enjoy. 

Now with 15 branches nationwide, Thai Royale Spa is also an inspiration for families who would want to open up their own businesses. Thai Royale Spa was recently awarded as the 2013 Most Family-Oriented Spa in the Philippines and they also received the 2012 Outstanding Young Lady Entrepreneur and Outstanding Pinoy Achiever awards. What’s more interesting is the owners both trained in Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore to make sure that they are knowledgeable about their business and offer only the best to their clients. Their staff is also trained by an authentic Thai massage therapist so you can be sure that they are really doing the right practice. Thai Royale Spa is a proud member of Wellness Organization Worldwide (WOW) and one of the few that is certified by The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (International Body Work Training Center) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Aside from Thai Royale Spa, they also have a skin care business, the Suay Skin, and a milk tea shop, Kai Cha. Presently, Suay Skin has 12 branches nationwide, while Kai Cha has already 5 branches. 

Above is Thai Royale Spa's list of services. Ms. Kate explained that they have one of the most affordable services so that clients can really enjoy their spa experience without burning a hole in your pocket. As a first timer, I chose the Combination A which includes a 1 hour Swedish massage and 1 Hour Foot Massage for only Php499. Last time I had a foot spa, I paid more than Php500, hence, Thai Royale Spa's prices are really friendly to your budget. 

Just by entering Thai Royale Spa makes you feel relaxed already. The smell of peppermint and the mild music was heavenly. The room was a bit dark, but I guess it helps calming your senses. We proceeded to the chairs first to have the foot massage. To help you feel more relaxed, they place hot bags at the back of your neck and waist. They are authentic hot bags from Thailand, to make you feel as if you’re also visiting the country. I also love how their therapists are so attentive. They would ask you if the pressure is too hard or if it’s okay with you. I honestly wasn't talking much anymore because I’m almost falling asleep. 

After the foot massage, we proceeded to the room for the Swedish massage. I love how their beds are big, you won’t fall off when you move. Anyway, here’s one story why it’s my first time to experience a Swedish massage, or a body massage: One time, Mom had one of her home service sessions and she made me try it too. But then, I am ticklish all over my body. I was making weird noises and movements the whole time. From that day on, I never tried spa services except for a foot spa. So now, I mustered my courage again and surprisingly, Thai Royale Spa’s therapist handled me well. It wasn't ticklish or painful at all. Right then and there, I decided that it is now my favorite place. After the massage, you can choose your preferred drink: hot tea, iced tea or water - to soothe your nerves.

Had fun with blogger friends and Thai Royale Spa Owner, Ms. Kate
My first spa experience is definitely superb! But the best thing of all is that Thai Royale Spa gives value for your money. I'd definitely recommend it for people who wants to get pampered and on a budget at the same time. And if you are looking to venture for a new business, Thai Royale Spa is open for franchising. You may contact (02) 584-THAI (8424), 09173466953 or 09081781746 for details.

Good news, I'll be raffling off a Thai Royale Spa GC too, so watch out for that!

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