Saturday, June 07, 2014

Have you ever been with a Gold Man? Let me expound on that. The Gold Man is sophisticated. they know what they want, they live luxuriously, they charm all women. And AXE, the number one male fragrance brand in the world lets you be the Gold Man with the Gold Life. 

AXE recently conducted a survey and led to the conclusion that women wants the Gold Man over the Chocolate man. After knowing this, the debate on which Filipino Celebrity best represents this man, and they all voted for Luis Manzano. Solid Gold, my friends. 

During the launch of the AXE Gold, KC Montero represented the Team Chocolate (Dark Temptation) while Luis Manzano goes for the Team Gold (Gold Temptation). All of us cheered in unison because the Gold Temptation is definitely a handful. A handful of girls wants this scent of spices and golden amber for their man. 

So to  celebrate the launch of the new Gold Temptation made for the sophisticated man, AXE is giving one lucky guy the ultimate prize: a chance to live the Gold Life through the AXE Gold Pass.

The AXE Gold Pass is a guy’s ticket to the Gold Life, which translates to an extended weekend trip to Las Vegas with two of his friends where he will have access to the VIP lifestyle.  The winner will also get the privilege of owning one of the most iconic cars in the world – a brand new 2014 Volkswagen Beetle, boasting a powerful 1.4 liter TSI Turbocharged  engine, with 118kW of power and 240Nm of torque, revamped design, and  a 7 speed direct shift gearbox transmission. And seriously, I would wanna ride with a man who drives that car. After all, this is my dream vehicle!

Lastly, the Gold Pass winner will also receive a condominium unit in the Fort that AXE will lease for him for a year. These are among other privileges that only AXE can give, such as access to the best events, clubs and parties for the Gold Pass winner.

So how can you become the Gold Man? Guys just need to buy an AXE Gold Temptation can, access the Gold Pass tab in the AXE Philippines Facebook page (, and get their friends to vote for them. The top 400 men with the most votes immediately qualify for the next round, where eventually they will get trimmed down to the final three. These three will then compete in the Gold Pass Challenge, where the ultimate winner of the AXE Gold Pass will be determined.

The AXE Gold Council will join forces to choose which guy best epitomizes the AXE Gold Man. The AXE Gold Council is composed of  the AXE Resident Hottie, Solenn Heussaff; the Sophisticated man, Luis Manzano; the Romantic at Heart, KC Montero; along with other AXE Ambassadors such as Radio DJs Tony Toni, Slick Rick, and Sam YG. Each Gold Council member will make time to mentor these gentlemen - grooming them to be the ultimate AXE Gold Man.

Spray on the Gold Life and join the AXE Gold Pass Contest today! Who knows, you just might be that lucky guy to win the crib, the ride, and the trip of a lifetime!

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