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Brighter than the sun - I've always loved Solaire Resort and Casino's tagline because it seems that every time I go there, there's always a special moment (a "Solaire Moment") waiting for me. And last week is no exception because as the temperature in Manila goes hotter, they have already prepared the desserts to cool you down this season.

We were invited to check out Solaire's restaurants to try their summer sweets. I was so excited because it promised to be a real treat by their world-renowned chefs, and who am I to say no, right? So sit back, read through and cherish the dessert experience, because I'm pretty sure that you'd be wanting to try these really soon too!

Yakumi's Executive Chef, Norimasa Kosaka, heads Solaire's signature Japanese restaurant. He doesn't speak much of the English language, but he describes his work with passion and values the satisfaction of his guests, the quality and freshness of his food. 

Mango and Guyabano Ice Cream
Feeling really hot this summer? This Mango and Guyabano sorbet will tickle your fancy. It is unique and unconventional because it promises the sweet and the sour taste at the same time. If you're loving au natural, then this is the dessert for you. 

Wasabi Panna Cotta
Wasabi on a dessert? I never thought that this is possible too. I was quite happy with wasabi on my sushi sauce, but Chef Norimasa did the (super) unconventional in this dessert too. At first, I was hesitant to try this because I'm not a fan of spicy food (or taste), but the Wasabi Panna Cotta is different. It's sweet-turned spicy-turned sweet everytime you take a bite. This is best for the adventurous foodie. 

Red Lantern is Solaire's Signature Chinese Restaurant. They serve dimsum buffets and your favorite Chinese dishes. Its Chef de Cuisine, Lo Ka Cheung Sam, mastered the traditional Cantonese Cuisine since he was sixteen, and he promises to put his unique Asian spin on Asian high-end dining to make his customers happy with their food.

Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolfberries with Aloe Vera
The Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolfberries with Aloe Vera is served during autumn because it is the season when the osmanthus flower is in full bloom. It may look like your regular tea, but this dessert is tasty and very healthy. We've learned that the wolfberries are good for the eyes and this dessert is new in the Philippines and a Solaire exclusive. 

Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean Cream
If you love red beans and thick desserts, the Glutinous Rice balls with Red Bean Cream is perfect for you. This is a traditional dessert in China and it is served during festivals. It has two rice balls because it symbolizes a union of two people. Superstition-wise, sticky rice balls symbolizes a sticky relationship or a long lasting marriage. Here in the Philippines, this Solaire dessert will definitely stick for a long time because it tastes perfect like your favorite merienda.

Strip carries a wonderful menu of steaks and sides (and I know that sounds heavenly). Chef Eric Turgeon is a Quebec hailed Sous Chef who worked in different countries, one of which is Abu Dhabi. He isn't the type of chef who fusses around in doing desserts, instead, he puts the flair in the old time favorites.  

Strawberries and Cream
You may find in my Instagram post how he prepared the Strawberries and Cream dessert. But for those who are curious about the ingredients, this dessert is made up of strawberries, shortbread crumble and dry merengue with a luxury cream Chantilly all in one bite. Kids and kids-at-heart will definitely love this. It's simple, yet made with the freshest ingredients. 

Dark Chocolate Mousse
Chef Eric puts a modern twist on the Dark Chocolate Mousse. This is composed of light and airy chocolate mousse, caramel sand, torched banana and roasted macadamia nuts. In this dessert, I greatly enjoyed the macadamia nuts and the chocolates. And the good thing about it is its sweetness level is not that high. I think I'll be having this more often.

Finestra is Italian for "window".  If you have been to this restaurant, you'll see how there are lots of windows and this is where you can see the majestic sunset and the pool area of Solaire. The Executive Chef, Salvatore de Vicentis has more that 20 years of experience and already earned numerous awards. He says that all his ingredients are imported from Italy, and I also agree when he says that they don't serve the usual Italian stuff. Now, let's move on to the desserts, shall we?  

Strawberry Gelato
Nutella Gelato
Mascarpone Gelato
Who doesn't love gelato? With the scorching heat that's been happening in the country, I'd take this any time. Chef Salvatore's Gelato Samplers are all homemade. The Nutella Gelato is mixed with biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts, while the Strawberry Coconut Gelato is served with strawberry coulis and pistachio biscotti. The Mascarpone Gelato is creamy and really flavorful. Among the three, what I loved most is the Strawberry Coconut Gelato, because the pistachio goes really well with the strawberry. It's really yummy and it's a must try in Finestra. 

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Coffee Cream and Chocolate Biscotti
When I first saw this dessert cup, I thought that they were serving us coffee. It's really hot outside so I was hesitant to try it. But at first bite, when I realized that it was panna cotta, it immediately became a favorite. Imagine tasting a vanilla flavoured dessert with the twist of coffee cream. Yup, I know that you wanna try one too. 

I have been to Fresh last January for the boyfriend's birthday. For starters, I became a fan of their buffet because they serve the biggest serving of lobsters and a wide selection of sushi. When you go to their desserts area, you'd have trouble picking because there are just too many choices, and most of them are really my favorites. Their Executive Pastry Chef, Josef Teuschler, has a long list of countries that he worked for, and basing on the number of cakes in  Fresh, I'm sure that his portfolio is world class.  

Solaire Chocolate Cake
Have you ever tasted Gold? Yes, Au, Gold, Oro. In Solaire, you can now taste a 24-karat gold in their Chocolate Cake. And yes, it really is edible.

Solaire Chocolate Cake consists of layers of rich flourless chocolate cake filled with caramel chocolate mousse, cocoa gel and croustillant cookie crisp. The texture is not that sweet, because it is topped with bitter chocolate coverture glaze and the signature gold flake. The gold shaving does not have a taste, but hey, now you can brag to your friends that something gold is inside you.  

And probably the most popular summer dessert in the Philippines is the Halo-Halo. At Solaire, they do not disappoint, because the Halo-Halo here is full of ingredients that are traditional and not-so-traditional. When I tasted something sour (but still liked it), I knew that this one is a very special dessert. It is prepared with ube spread, buko pandan, macapuno strips, Guyabano parfait, sweet bananas, nata de coco and marshmallows. And if other establishments serve this with ice, Fresh does it better with pandan flavored crushed ice. It is topped with ube ice cream, leche flan and yema. Now are you intrigued? It's different and it is halo-halo with flair! 

It was a fun day trying out desserts. And with the remaining days of summer, I can't wait to try them all over again. I believe the fine things in life are the ones that make you happy, and sugar rush is definitely one of them. So head to Solaire Resort and Casino now and indulge on this yummy treats. You know you want to. 

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Thanks. I loved the collection of desserts the most, particularly the gelatos as it's been awhile since I had them :D


Nothing beats halo-halo, though chocolate cake seems to be really my ultimate favorite. I wonder though, can that thing cured my stressed-packed cravings for myself? Heheh. Maybe I'll find out when I hit by the place soon.

And.... hmmm. didi I just read Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolfberries with Aloe Vera? I'd also like to try this soon. Thanks for sharing this!


Hehe. Same with SlickMaster, halo-halo is still the dessert for me (especially for summer)! Very chic naman the desserts here haha. Anyway, thanks for sharing these. I might check them out when I drop by the place. :-)


Haven't been to Solaire yet, but this list makes me want to go there soon! I have a love affair with desserts. Hahaha!


Ahhhhh! Wish I was also invited. hehe. Not a fan of sweets but I heard their entree are good. Ooh, the wasabi panna cota is intriguing. :)


Theyre so soft and really yummy. Best one this season :)


Yes! The chilled osmanthus flower and wolfberries with aloe vera is a first in the PH. :) And they only serve this is Solaire. :) Go and experience it :)


The Halo Halo is also my favorite because it is not your ordinary pinoy dessert. This one has a twist and you should really go to Fresh to find out how this sets apart from the commercialized Halo Halo :)


This list of dessert is exciting! I'm keen of spicy foods, i want to try the Wasabi Panna Cotta. haha..But of course, My all-time favorite, our-very-own Halo-Halo, "da best" talaga for summer..:)


I am not a fan of Wasabi and I never thought that it can be turned into a dessert. Makes me wonder how it taste like :-)


I love ice cream, cake, and halo-halo. But I am not fond of wasabi.


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