Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When you see a curve, what usually comes into your mind? For me, it's a wide smile. A curve looks like a smile when something happy is around. For Samsung Electronics Philippines, Curved is their newest line of television and the first UHD TV that is truly revolutionary and lets you discover the new world of immersive viewing.  

Samsung introduces their new innovation of Smart TVs with new features. First of them is the Soccer Mode. Did you know that you can now have a stadium-like viewing experience? It's optimized picture quality and sound settings make you feel as if you're like inside the game. Another great feature is the Auto Highlights where your TV automatically selects and saves important moments so you can browse them on a later time. Best part of it, you can zoom on one side of what you want to watch closer. 

If you're a music buff, Samsung's Family TV has the Screen Capture and the Sound Capture features. The screen capture lets you record information from your TV such as images, or even the recipes on the screen. And if you love saving songs, the sound capture lets you listen to your tunes even after the video is over. 

To better maximize your Smart TV, Samsung introduces its all-new Smart Hub. Now you have instant access to exciting entertainment experiences. It is easy to navigate and fast responding. But what sets it apart from other TVs is you can have a variety of Smart TV functions. The 2014 Smart TV also has an Instant On, a feature that will make your TV turn on faster and responds immediately.  

Isn't this a thing of beauty? Samsung's Home Entertainment System has an exceptionally rich sound, built in vacuum tube, HD Audio and DTS Neo: Fuision II mix perfect sound waves. Let's explain this further shall we? HD Audio's sound quality is as if you're at the live recording. Because it's HD, you will hear a rich bass, crisply pure high notes and warm tones. The Vacuum Tube lets you hear music in a truer, more immersive way. Think about hearing a music inside a music pipe. Lastly, the DTS Neo: Fusion II lets you have a wider listening zone and realistic sound. 

My family loves parties. And I think the GIGA Sound System is perfect for us. This builds a party mood blasting bass and 25 pulsating light patterns. You can mix and match the music you are playing, as to what your mood is in. This sound system makes your music or audio very alive that it can turn your world upside down. 

And now, here are Samsung's newest TV Collections:

LED TV Series 5 lets you capture your family's favorite TV Moments by its Full HD 1080p display. Just by plugging your USB drive on your TV, you can easily enjoy movies, videos, photos and other content on the big screen.

Smart TV Series 6 is now easier and faster with the new Samsung Hub. Now it's easier to navigate because of its Smart Hub panels and its Quad Core Processor. It is also enjoyed with its Full HD 3D and has a Wide Colour Enhancer for a better picture viewing.

The Smart TV Series 7 is a multi-tasker with its Instant On and Quad-core processor. It has speed like no other, and you can even watch multiple contents at the same time. Series 7 also has a Micro Dimming Pro, making the images look deeper ad more detailed. It is also finished with an Ultra Clear Panel to give that sleek and sexy look. 

The newest Samsung innovation is the Curved TV Series 8. It is different from the flat screen TVs because its curved design visually surrounds you, as if you're in the action of what you are watching. You can also do multi-screen viewing with Multi-Link screen and easily update your Smart TV features by installing the Samsung Evolution Kit. 

Aside from the new Smart and LED TVs, Samsung introduces its UHD or Ultra High Definition TV, where you can experience breathtaking picture quality. It has four times the resolution of the Full HD TV and it focuses on the details, contrast and the colors of your images.

The Samsung UHD TV features Colour Brilliance, where the images shown in the TV is expressed with bright and rich colours. It enhances the pictures to look vibrant and makes the colors look more alive than the usual. You can also experience crystal clear images with its UHD Dimming feature, where it precisely adjusts the brightness levels to create deeper blacks and purer whites.

So why do you have to switch to Samsung Curved UHD TV? First, it brings a truly immersive viewing experiences with a greater sense of depth, vibrant colors and delicate details. See a much greater sense of depth and contrast with the Auto Depth Enhancer feature. 

If you love the little details, the Samsung Curved UHD TV has a UHD Upscaling where it processes lower resolution content into a closer UHD quality. How cool is that a TV automatically enhances your images? 

Switch to this newest shape now and discover a whole new viewing experience. For more information about the Samsung Curved UHD TV and other Samsung appliances, visit

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