Thursday, May 15, 2014

My smartphone is a staple to me. I guess you can say that my life pretty much revolves in it. From Social Media, to talking to my loved ones, to watching videos and listening to music, you could say it does its job for me. Last week, my friend invited me to PHILTEQ's event, where I learned that there are a lot of mobile accessories that I can use for my phone and more. 


PHILTEQ is one of the trusted distributors of networking products and computer accessories for your homes and offices. This time, they ventured into another segment that they feel would be appreciated by the mainstream - the digital lifestyle appliances. Imagine seeing a lot of personal gadgets in one event, and by that I mean really good products that you can use everyday. 


First introduced were the Cannice Bluetooth Headsets. These products can be used for calls and listening to your favorite music. Here's a story: the boyfriend and I has a different taste in music, but we somehow jive in some tunes. We are heavy users of iPod and mp3 players. And I believe that Cannice's products can help us listen to our favorite tracks clearly. And look at their designs, it really looks nice and so professional. 

I actually wanted the iBlue6 because it is equipped with the latest powerful features of Bluetooth 4.0. It also has noise reduction technology, so you can hear the one you're talking to, as if he's just nearby. 


Doss speakers also uses the Bluetooth technology for their products. As you can see below, most of them are already wireless so you can bring them anywhere. During their presentation, they highlighted the Doss Motion 1155, where it is equipped with sensors that allow users to control audio playbacks by the simple wave of the hand. Another one of their amazing products is the Asimom 3, where it has Bluetooth A2DP for quick pairing with other devices, and can be charged wirelessly with the included charging base.  But what really could impress you more is that these speakers have digital surround sound. We were in the E's Bar of EDSA Shangri-La and the music was heard all throughout the room just by using a small Doss Speaker. It was really cool, and I might be getting myself one of these, should I decide to throw a party. 


Hoomia's products are real fun. These headphones are stylish and cute. They are highlighting the Bon9 which has the old telephone design that features an excellent treble, vocal performance and noise cancelling. They also have the Hoomia Magic Pencil, which is very cute and has the high purity of tone and rich layer of stereo sound quality. 


Powerbanks are in demand nowadays. My smartphone's battery goes empty whenever I use the Internet and whatnots. Good thing Powerocks' Stone 3 can fully charge the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry and other phones for only two hours. For travelers like myself, the Powerocks Tetris 6000 is combined with an AC adaptor/charger which can be used in 150 countries. Cool right? They have a wide selection of powerbanks, and also comes in different sizes. 

“The Philippines boasts a very young market, a generation of discerning, mobile, and independent consumers,” said Francis Karamihan, Product Manager of digital lifestyle gadgets for Philteq. “ We want to bring them only the latest and value-driven products that they could rely on as they follow their passion and create memories of their own,” he added. 

Aside from the products that were launched, Sir Francis hinted that they will be launching pocket events and consumer promos from PHILTEQ. He also stressed that their products are in excellent quality, without breaking your budget. 

Cannice, Doss, Hoomia, and Powerocks are available at leading 3C stores nationwide.

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