Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are you Team Phil or Team James? 

This June 7, the rivalry between the Younghusband brothers will finally be settled in the Clear Dream Match 3. This event will be the biggest football all-star game in the country and the final battle to the Clear supremacy. It is even made even bigger with the presence of the Manchester United legends, Paul Scholes and Andy Cole. 

Last April 30 at the Hyve, Team James and Team Phil rosters were officially decided.  They were also introduced to the public, in decision of more than 700,000 votes that fans made online. The 50-player voting pool consists of the top ranked United Football League players based on statistics was trimmed down to 30, each one to be drafted by captains James and Phil Younghusband. 

Team Phil
“With both teams tied at 1-1, the competition between the brothers is the most intense it has ever been. Both teams have been actively campaigning on social media just to rally their fansto vote which team will have the first draft pick,” Clear Brand Manager, Drew Copuyoc said.

With fans helping the teams to form the draft pick to supporting their favorites through the Clear Dream Match website, the number one most digitally active fan will get the chance to fly to Old Trafford to watch a Manchester United game live. 

Team James
This year’s Clear Dream Match draft consisted of four rounds. Garnering more than 2 million points online, Team Phil was awarded the first draft pick then after, James and Phil took turns in selecting their top five. The second round was the amateur selection, where Team James and Team Phil, together with their co-captains Nate Burkey and Carlie De Murga selected their picks from the top 6 amateurs. 

In the third round, the brothers drew lots to complete their roster. Then in the last round, the brothers had wild card picks. The wildcard pick could be any player either within the voting pool, or outside the voting pool. But to stir things up, Team James was given an extra wild card pick for winning last year’s Clear Dream Match.

Fan engagement still continues until May 25 and the Tea, with the highest points by the next day will get the privilege of selecting which Manchester United legend would they want on their team. So continue voting if you’re on Team James or Team Phil.

With the teams set, the battle for Clear Supremacy inches closer to completion. Witness the Clear Dream Match on June 7 at the University of Makati Football Grounds. Tickets are sold in all SM Ticket Outlets starting May 1. For more updates, visit www.cleardreammatch.com

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