Thursday, May 08, 2014

Ola Havaianaticos! It's the time of the year where you can design your favorite flip-flops again! This year, Make Your Own Havaianas 2014 is set at the Glorietta Activity Center on May 8-11 and you are all invited to design your own pair.  

I have been a fan of Havaianas since 2008 but did you know that they are 52 years old this 2014? And as a treat, your favorite flip-flop is bringing the streets of Brazil to the Philippines and more! I'm even more excited because this is the first time that I'll be going to an #MYOH2014 event to make my own pairs.

Starting May 8 to 11, 2014, you can make your Havaianas. This event has no entrance fee so it's a first come, first served basis. Bring your friends and loved ones. It can be a great bonding activity. 

Upon entry, you will be given a card, on which you can choose the size, sole, strap and pins to use on your Havaianas flip-flop. I chose the Commemorative Pair since these are always limited edition styles. Once you're done, approach the Assemblers so they can get you the materials and do it in front of you.

And here it is, my pink strapped, Havaianas Commemorative Pair, with Mandala, Carmen Miranda, Caipirinha and Sun pins. And since I'll be going to Boracay next week, my flip-flop is summer ready! 

To better guide you with the pricing, above is the list of how it ranges per pair. I went with my friend during the private selling event for the Havaianaticos and she went ga-ga with the crystal pins. Now her summer will definitely shine bright like her diamonds!

Just a few more guidelines on the #MYOH 2014, you are allowed to purchase a maximum of five pairs per day. So if you plan to hoard your own Havaianas because you #HavLav them so much, make sure to bring your friends with you and let them experience this very exciting event. Cash payments and Credit Cards are also accepted, but only limited to Visa and Mastercard holders. And if you happen to have a Citibank card, you are entitled to a 10% discount and even opt to Pay Lite or pay with your points. Fabulous, isn't it?

Your MYOH Commemorative Pair also comes with Bonfim Wish Ribbons. In Brazil, they have 200-year tradition where bonfims are worn for good luck. You have to wrap them around your wrists, tie with three knots then make three wishes. When the bonfim falls off, your wishes will come true. 

Head on to the Glorietta Activity Center now and Make Your Own Havaianas! Like their Facebook Page at or Instagram at @havaianasphils for more updates. 

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