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Behold, the Magnum Manila
When I received an invite from Magnum, I was super excited because that meant I'll be having their sumptuous ice cream in this very hot summer day. Its velvety ice cream and real Belgian chocolate in one bar seems heavenly, especially in this April weather. And while everyone is clamoring for more, Magnum will not disappoint their fans, because this month and for the whole year, you will get to to have the ultimate brand experience as they open Magnum Manila today, April 8!

This is made of Magnum sticks! :)
Magnum Manila's facade
Magnum Manila is a special pop-up store in the Magnum Pleasure Stores series. At first you would think that they are just offering Magnum bars, but there's more than meets the eye. Magnum Manila offers tasty dishes like vegetarian burgers, fries, salmon, etc. Just like the other Pleasure Stores in Milan, Cannes, New York or London, Magnum Manila will surely be a hotspot as it opens for just 12 months. Now you really have to visit them as it is here for a limited time only. 

Make my Magnum Bar
Bask your Magnum in these goodness. 
Get to choose your toppings. 
Hello, Magnum Bars!
The final touch to your Make my Magnum
Wondering why it is called a Pleasure Store? Because the shop speaks for its name. No matter how big or small the store is, it only has one goal: to make you very, very happy! Imagine having to create your own Magnum Bar, according to your liking. It satisfies your desires, figuratively and literally, because you alone can select your flavor and the toppings, based on your sweet desires. When I had the chance to Make my Own Magnum, I had it covered in gold, also using golden rice crispies, with crushed chocolate chip cookies and marshmallows. You can only choose three toppings, so choose well.

How do you Make your own Magnum? Here are 6 simple steps
For the classics, you may opt with almonds, while the special choices include freeze dried raspberries or gold nuggets. And if you're feeling more adventurous, you can try the chili flakes or sea salt. The possibilities are endless and I love it!

Making your Magnum costs Php100.
And here is how my Pleasure Maker made my own Magnum:

Choose a Pleasure Maker
She mixed my THREE toppings
I chose the Gold coat
She dips it in
She puts on the toppings and drizzled it with chocolate
Setting it with the Magnum touch
And voila, my OWN Magnum and more!
Magnum sticks also served as decors to Magnum Manila
Magnum Manila is located at SM Aura's SkyPark Dining. Its design features the sleek and modern architecture of Ed Calma. As for the man behind the savory dishes on the Magnum Manila menu, Magnum is proud to announce the collaboration with executive chef of Chef Cuisine catering and owner of Nomama, Chef Him Uy de Baron. Here are some of his creations that are served in Magnum Manila:

Tossed Arugula Salad
Wasabi Teriyaki Tori Karaage Sandwich
Salmon with Tomato Chorizo Confit
Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers
Mushroom Burger
Chef Miko talks about his Magnum creations
As for as the man who created all the dessert dishes, Chef Miko Aspiras is an award winning pastry Chef in global competitions and is one of the pastry chefs of a premier hotel in the country. With these names behind the project, Magnum Manila is an exhibition of no less than Manila’s greatest talents. His creations, which you can enjoy are the following: Cookie Dough Skillet, Death by Chocolate, Pink Friday, Red Velvet, Rainbow Dream, Magnum Apple Pie, Crown Jewel, Magnum Fondue for Two, 

Rainbow Dream
Pink Friday
Are you ready for Magnum Manila? Visit them on their opening day and first 500 customers will get to experience the exclusive first taste of the Make Your Own Magnum experience. Indulge in a cold and luxurious Belgian chocolate bar of Magnum this summer and prepare yourself for the goodness and the perfect season, now that Magnum Manila is here. 

The Magnum Manila Team with Phil Younghusband
For updates on Magnum Manila, you may visit their websites www.magnum.com.ph and www.makemymagnum.com. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @magnum_ph.

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