Friday, April 11, 2014

When my brother and I were younger, that picture above was probably just one of the moments where we were close. I know, that was bratty of me, but see, I was used to being the only child for six years. I play alone, or along with my childhood friends that I didn't see the need to have a brother or a sister. So when Lester came, everything was a competition. But I didn't know that it would change afterwards.

Now, my brother is my go-getter, one of my barkada and even the one who defended me when I was very heartbroken. Now I'm grateful to have a brother, especially one who cooks. :) Growing up, I also consider our dogs as my siblings, which I have to remind myself to get the best dog training treats. And even though Mikka and Joko (Japanese Spitz) isn't with us now, I still miss them.

My High School sisters
Coming from a small family, I went to have a bigger family when I was in school. Since I didn't have a sister, I found my siblings in high school and college. And you know what, I'm just so happy that finding sisters and brothers outside your own family is easy for me. 

With my bffs
Nakiki-sister with Mercie and Leila
With my BDJ sisters
My baby sister, Mela
So today, hug your brothers and sisters. Happy Sibling's Day everyone!

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