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When SM Supermalls said "We've Got it All for You", you definitely know that it's not just a one-stop shop, but also a place for entertainment as well. Years back, SM Lifestyle Entertainment Incorporated was known as the SM Cinema under West Avenue Theatres Corporation (WATC). It has grown to 267 cinemas in 47 SM Supermalls nationwide. And fortunately, its family grew from cinemas to other entertainment choices with 12 major brands in a span of five years.
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SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. grew further under the leadership of Hans Sy Sr., founder of SM, and management of Mr. Edgar C. Tejerero, President of SMLEI. It is now called a 360 degree access to the best in lifestyle and entertainment services the world can offer. From educational to entertainment, sports and technology, it is now considered an amenity that promotes activities to Filipino families and friends.

The SMLEI Team
“At SM Lifestyle Entertainment Incorporated, our mission is to make our entertainment and food brands the first choice among all Filipinos because of the great experience and value for money that we provide through our empowered managers and motivated co-workers. Our world-class recreational facilities, products and services aim to provide Filipinos more venues to create wonderful memories with their families, friends and loved ones,” says Edgar C. Tejerero, President.

The SMLEI caters to 12 major brands in the lifestyle field. I'm pretty sure that you can find them in almost all SM Supermalls you go to:

SM Cinema
Director's Club Cinema
WM Cinemas
Snack Time
SM Tickets
ePlus Tap to Pay
ePlus Digital
Mall of Asia Arena
SM Science Center
SM Bowling Center
SM Skating Rink

During its launch, booths showcasing these brands were all present and we were provided with the ePlus Tap to Pay card so we could experience what they has to offer.

SM Cinema is the pioneer brand that now has 267 fully digitized theatres in 47 branches nationwide. I believe the brand speaks for itself as it is the country's leader in movie entertainment.

IMAX is an international franchise famous for its state-of-the-art projection system; surround sound system, and crystal-clear lifelike images that appear so real, it is like you were actually there.

The Director's Club Cinema is the intimate and deluxe choice in movie watching. The cinema offers plush leather seats, butler service and a menu for the guests. It now has four branches around the metro and plans to expand in other regions in the country. 

WM Cinemas is a recent acquisition of the SMLEI. It has 6 branches in Luzon and equipped with fully digitized screens and projectors that render clarity to both image and sound. WM Cinemas is now fully renovated with upgraded facilities operating under the largest cinema exhibitor in the Philippines, SM Cinema.

What is entertainment without food? See the Snack Time at SM Cinemas, Mall of Asia Arena, SM Science Center, etc.? They are part of the SMLEI and they offer a wide variety of food from snacks to healthy gourmet meals. Snack Time is one of the biggest food operators in the entertainment and lifestyle business. 

SM Tickets is the box office and customer care center of SMLEI. SM Tickets is the only Ticket Center available nationwide servicing house brands such as Mall of Asia Arena and SM Cinema, SM Tickets has branched out to other events venues, entertainment parks, holiday destinations, concerts, galleries, zoos, hotels, and even airlines.

ePlus Tap To Pay is the cashless solution of SMLEI. I loved how they have discounts and freebies and how convenient they can be for someone who loves to shop, travel and attends movies or concerts. This is dubbed as the card of the century.

If there's a card, ePlus Digital is the digital site for SM Cinema and ePLUS. It's a web service brand catering to social media, e-commerce, mobile marketing, web development and other related areas. 

And of course, who would dare forget the venue? Known as the architectural “eyecon,” the Mall of Asia Arena is the venue for international sports and entertainment. It even has Corporate Suites for different companies. The Mall of Asia Arena is not only a local stadium for international acts but also a tourist destination.

For the kids and the young at heart, the SM Science Center has the planetarium with Digistar 5 system. It provides the most advance educational experience for everyone. They will also soon feature new exhibits, galleries and systems. There are two branches: SM Mall of Asia and SM Lanang Science Center. 

Sports enthusiasts are not left behind either. SM Bowling Center boasts of state-of-the-art and fully-automated bowling facilities, modern billiard areas, extreme games and arcade stations, and a snack bar that caters to each guests cravings. The most recent that I've seen is at the SM Mega Fashion Hall and they even have billiard tables and videoke rooms.

Last but not the least, probably the most talked about brand of the SMLEI is the SM Skating Rink. Michael Martinez, who internationally competed at the Olympics in Sochi proudly practices at their olympic size rink.  This year, the SM Skating Rink will introduce more sports and activities to learn on the ice, and events that will cater to the existing and new winter-based sports.

See how innovative SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc is? With its enhancements and vision, rest  assured that they will still continue to provide Filipinos the most up to date facilities that you can enjoy. 

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