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I took up Journalism in College because writing is my passion. When I was younger, I have a suitor who would write me love letters and give me cards on special occasions. Because of him, I was inspired to put my feelings into words. You won't believe the number of diaries I've had over the years - that's why I pursued Journalism.  At the opening of the Shangrila-East Wing, I found one of the niftiest stores around. I learned that like me, the store owner also loved collecting stationeries and cute stuff. And that is how I loved Scribe Writing Essentials  and how I keep coming back to their store for their products.

Marian Yu-Ong started her business as a hobby in College, where she would sell items in bazaars during Christmas time. As customers fled to their booth, they would start asking where to buy their products once the season ended. She and her sister-in-law got into distribution and supplied their products at big bookstores and specialty shops. 8 years later, they opened their first store in Eastwood Mall (2009). This 2014, they launched their flagship store at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall and running 5 branches all over Metro Manila. 

The products of Scribe Writing Essentials are imported from the US, Europe and Asia. With more than 15 brands in its portfolio, they are the go-to when it comes to fine writing and calligraphy products. They are also the exclusive distributors of the prestige brands like Pelikan, Sailor, Platinum, TWSBI, J. Herbin, Brause and Speedball. Adding to their family is Cross and Lamy. 

Scribe also has their in-house products that cater to the mid and lower-end markets, without compromising quality. That being said, I love their calligraphy set because it makes me feel like writing ala-Jose Rizal. It's inspiring me to write more. 

Scribe Writing Essentials owner Marian Yu-­‐Ong says, “I always believed that you should do what you love. That is why it was only fitting that I made a business out of specialty reading and writing products which I’ve loved ever since I was a kid. ”The store Is a one-­‐stop gift and paper specialty store. The vision was for it to be a place where our customers can find unique and inspiring gifts for a special friend, family or oneself. Ong adds," We pride ourselves with the best selection of reading and writing accessories, all of which are carefully selected and imported by our company from all over the world. We also have unique services such as the customizing of seals which is as far as I know, is only offered by us and a giftwrapping bar with a wide selection of imported papers and cards to compliment your purchase or gift for any occasion."

During their event at the Shangri-La Plaza East Wing Atrium last March 4, Scribe Writing Essentials announced that they now have five branches in the following malls: Eastwood Mall, SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall Fashion Hall, Glorietta 5 and the new flagship store at the Shangri-La East Wing. 

Ms. Marian Yu-Ong also introduced its Scribe Ambassadors, Fozzy Dayrit, Leigh Reyes and Architect Michael Manalo. These three are Scribe's loyal customers over the years and have been with Scribe in their everyday journey. 

Fozzy Dayrit is in advertising and has a fascination with paper. Years after her advertising stint, she delved into creating The Fozzy Book, which specializes in calligraphy and design. Her services include hand-lettering envelopes, place cards, wooden wedding signs and the like. Like Fozzy, Leigh Reyes is in the advertising business and the President and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe Philippines. She has a blog called "My Life as a Verb" that contains "anything that makes a real mark on a real surface" such as pens, pencils, ink, paper, journals, sketchbooks, etc. And the thorn among the roses is Michael Manalo, an architect which specializes in structure restoration. He's a heavy user of Scribe Writing Essentials' products in his work, and also in calligraphy.

Below is a partial list of brands that are available at Scribe Writing Essentials:


Sailor Pen






J. Herbin



Scribe Writing Essentials (private label)


7321 Design


Noodler's Ink

Anna Griffin

Peter Pauper

International Arrivals

Mighty Bright

Thinking Gifts

Up With Paper Greeting Cards

Now with the 5 branches, it is only fitting to bring the brand outside Metro Manila, but as of the moment, Ms. Marian Yu-Ong would like to concentrate first on her existing stores. They have recently teamed up with world renowned Korean Opera Superstar Sumi Jo in her Feb 1 concert in Manila, where proceeds were donated to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda through UNESCO.

Everytime I enter a Scribe branch, I can't help but remember the film, Letters to Juliet. Now I know we're far from Verona but the passion in letter writing inspires us to go back to our roots. And I believe that Scribe Writing Essentials makes it all possible.

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