Saturday, March 29, 2014

Whenever I have problems or needed any advice, I go straight to my friends to help me out. One time, I was browsing through the internet and saw this cute little page, ASK DIEGO, and a 7 year old kid was answering questions online. Of course, it instantly caught my attention that I just had to know who Diego is. 

Diego is an adorable kid who loves answering questions that are posted on his Fan Page. You can ask him about anything and he has opinions about it. But of course, his parents and his sister supports him in seeking answers with the use of his computer and of course, a friendly internet connection.  

I love how his parents has rules for him when giving advice. I guess it's because he's still young and they are also teaching him how to use the computer responsibly. Here are their guidelines for Diego and his readers.

So for your problems, however big or small that may be, Diego is there to help. Just LIKE his Facebook Page at and fire away those questions. You'll never know how this kid will amaze you. 

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