Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What is hassle? For me, it’s not being able to move freely. It’s like you’ve been carrying this weight on your body. Just last week, I’ve been invited to the Dulcolax event and learned more about constipation. Yup, you heard that right. There’s no need to hide these issues anymore because they might even help you do THE BIG MOVE.

Why THE BIG MOVE? We all know that constipation is not an issue to be talked freely about. But you know what’s funny? In work, when someone is not on her perfect mood, we would always ask “Constipated ka ba girl? Parang may dinadala kang sama ng loob eh”. So what if say, example, she is a “silent sufferer”, how would you manage to not be accused of being constipated?


Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc., through one of their Consumer Healthcare pillar brands, (Bisacodyl) Dulcolax aims to shed more light on constipation and how to treat this medical condition the right way. They have also partnered with popular stars, “The Sexy, Young Actress and Comedian” Ms. Angelica Panganiban and “The Dance Diva” and successful businesswoman, Ms. Regine Tolentino. They shared their experiences and how they deal with constipation with the help of Dulcolax. As you can see, even famous stars deal with this problem. 

Medical Manager for Consumer Healthcare of Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr. Melvin Pasay enlightened us the what’s what of constipation. He also debunked the myths and misconceptions of constipation, using laxatives and how Dulcolax might help you overcome the problem. 

He also shared information on Dulcolax as the brand that offers a full range of stimulant laxatives, from Tablets, Suppositories to Syrup that targets the colon, resulting to the stimulation of the colon, and softening of the stool. Angelica and Regine also agreed with Dr. Pasay on how effective Dulcolax is and how it gives effective results. No wonder it is #1 in the market and has been present for more than 60 years, trusted by millions all over the world.

Aside from the Big Move to promote Dulcolax with its newest endorsers, Brand Manager Jo-Ann Ramos also highlighted digital as their main platform to promote the activities for the campaign. 

“We are very excited to launch this campaign and to have both Ms. Angelica and Ms. Regine join our team. It will be an exciting time for us because we know how they can help us change millions of lives for the better. Now our sufferers need not suffer in silence. They now have someone to relate with whether they’re young go-getters or multi-tasking moms. All they need to do is to see what Angelica and Regine are doing or saying in our Facebook page, Colon Care PH and realize that there is a way to move on from constipation. Both will offer tips, advice and many other things regarding management of constipation with Dulcolax, the Kontra Constipation Expert.”, she said. 

So why wait and suffer in silence? Like Angelica and Regine, make the move now and take away the hassles of constipation. Make the Big Move to Dulcolax, the Kontra Constipation Expert.

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