Paradizoo: Power of Three

Nature is a very big part of our existence. If we're not doing good about it, then it wouldn't bring us the same. So in celebration of the International Family Farming, Paradizoo presents the "Power of Three" (floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair). 

Since January 11 to March 2, they are featuring an amazing Horse Parade, because we welcomed the Year of the Wooden Horse. From thorough breds to miniature horses. Develop and enjoy your understanding towards agriculture as you will learn the Best Practices in agriculture. They will exhibit and display farm produce, sale and auction of livestocks (imported breeds of goats for milk and meat, sheep, several pig breeds animal feed, and a lot more). When we went there, we witnessed a parade of different animals house inside Paradizoo. It was awesome because everyone cheered and was fond of the animals who even did tricks.

Lion Dance

Last January 25, we saw different floral designs and attended a seminar about vermi-composting. They also presented The Knowledge of Bonsai, Biotechnology Products, Health, Fitness and Wellness, Pineapple Jam Making and Aquavermiponics, a modern gardening technology. Paradizoo has a sanctuary of flowers and we enjoyed appreciating them.

Get a chance to interact with animals and know the basics of farming from Feb 1 to Feb 8 in Veggie Festival and Feb 15 to Feb 22 in Livestock Festival. Also, learn the right way from farm selection to breeding of goats and sheep on Feb 15. Lastly, be trained how to practice food safety on Feb 22. 

Paradizoo is located at Mendez, Cavite. It is an ideal place for kids and families,  educational field trips, outdoor and group outing programs. There is also a big farm which your loved ones can appreciate and learn from. It will also launch its newest attraction, the Noah's Ark, a comforting means of expressing a lasting tribute to your pet by selecting a burial vault and permanent marker in marble or granite. And have a glimpse of the Wedding Pavilion and Boot Camp a perfect location for different events.

Aside from the zoo and farm, they also have a Paradizoo Cafe where you can get your drinks like coffee or lemongrass tea. Paradizoo is open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM with a minimal entrance fee of Php149.00. 

Lemongrass tea
I definitely had fun during our trip. So if you wanna experience the same thing, please visit for details or call them at telephone numbers 899-9828 or 08.

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