Monday, February 24, 2014

Thirty Years is a long time. With that number, you're sure that a product that lasts that long is effective and it sure works. That's why Cream Silk is the expert in hair care and it provides you with strands that are Beyond Beautiful. 

And now that they are celebrating their 30th Year, Cream Silk and my blog thanks those who joined my giveaway. So after 250 entries, these three ladies stood out and will go beyond beautiful:

Congratulations to Mica May for winning the special premium limited edition Cream Silk gift pack. Meanwhile, the winners of the Cream Silk 30th anniversary gift packs are Suzette Villa and Pamela Menorca

Again, thank you for joining my first giveaway for the year. I can't wait to do a next giveaway, so just check my blog for updates. Again, thanks to Cream Silk Philippines and Bridges PR for letting me be part of their celebration. To the winners, kindly email me at for details on where you can claim your prize. 

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