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During my early twenties, I ventured into online selling in Multiply. From that experience, I learned that having your own business entails a lot of hard world and gazillions of patience. Now that I'm older (and hopefully wiser), it's timely that Stallmart introduced us bloggers the wonders of Food Franchising Business.

ThirTea's Milk teas
Franchising is one of the popular trends in local entrepreneurship these days. And with the many food sellers nationwide, it would be a little challenging to compete with the big names. 

Tik Tok's  products
"There are always new and innovative ideas waiting to be materialized," says Michelle Pino, Senior Franchising & Key Accounts Operations Manager of Mister Donut Philippines. "Franchising allows brands to have multiple branches in strategic locations opening simultaneously, dominating the market even before competitors develop their own businesses."

Because of the success of Mister Donut for over 30 years, Stallmart Inc. came into play in 2012 and aims to become the strongest in the stall and kiosk industry. According to Ms. Pino, "Stallmart addresses the strong demand for low-investment, high-profit businesses brought about by emerging trends in the Philippine franchising business."

Siomai Central's yummy Chinese treats
With their innovative group and creative inputs, they recently launched three new food cart brands—ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll, and Little Mexico to help entrepreneurs enter the food cart business.

ThirTea is your go-to for the best milk tea experience. With the growing number of milk tea places around, their affordability is their main selling point. ThirTea's products starts from thirty pesos each and plays around that number. “Nowadays, there is a growing preference for a healthier lifestyle and this reflects in the food industry with healthy choices flourishing all over the metro. The last few years have also seen the boom of milk tea with tea being a healthier alternative to coffee,” explains Ms. Pino.

Fold N’ Roll, offers Stallmart’s version of New York-style folded pizza. If you can't go to NYC, then they have budget pizzas that you can enjoy. The best thing about it? It only costs less than 30php. 

Little Mexico, on the other hand, brings a taste of Mexico through bite-sized tacos, nachos, and burritos. Food cart franchising is very popular in the Philippines. Stallmart alone has over 90 franchised stores all around the country and it continues to add even more outlets for ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll, Little Mexico, Siomai Central, and Tik-Tok. The start-up capital of food carts are relatively low and those who venture into it see guaranteed profit and positive return on investment within six months to a year.

“Franchising has had a positive contribution to the Philippine economy with millions of jobs created because of these businesses,” adds Pino. “It is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start with, without a lot of money to invest.” 

So do you wanna earn more, especially this coming 2014? Make your resolution a little more meaningful, like putting up your own business. For more information, visit or you may reach us at (02) 370-1236 or  

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