Friday, November 29, 2013

The Belle de Jour Power Planner is not just an ordinary organizer for me. For six years, it has been my confidante, my source of ideas and my best friend. Just as same as the BDJ Bellas, they are not just ordinary girls, but empowered ladies who know their worth and live their lives to the fullest. I could not imagine life without a BDJ Planner since I've found it the first time at CBTL in Greenbelt. There, I thought, I found my perfect match. :) Just this October, Belle de Jour launched its newest planner and before that, gathered the Bellas who had their planners for the longest time. And thus, my 3 minutes of fame as a BDJ Veteran is here, but no one's retiring yet ha! :))

To those who are still wondering what the contents of the BDJ Planner 2014 looks like, here are the photos for you to see:

Now, you can have your planner customized with your name.  But you can only have 8 character printed due to space matters. It's a real nifty touch, if you ask me. 

Put your 2014 goals and push yourself harder. This is the year to #MakeItHappen. 

The newest feature is the blog ideas. I love how they have a space for bloggers like me. Now I'm more inspired to write and jot down ideas on how to improve my site. 

I love decorating my planner's dream board. And now, they've provided a whole page for that. I can't wait to unleash my creative juices and print photos to post here. Artsy fartsy here I come!

Read the empowering articles and follow their different tips every month. I sure learned much this 2013. 

The pages are just like last year's planner but with a different design and packed with information, even the SM sales. Plus, the coupons this year are interesting, I can't wait to use them. 

I've been meaning to see stickers on my BDJ planner, and this year, it came true! 

So far so good? With just Php598, it really is a great buy. There may be a lot of planners out there, but Belle de Jour Power Planner is my favorite. And just so you now, it's also because of these gals. :))

Say hello to 2014 with the Belle De Jour Planner and see how it makes a difference in your life. Oh, and before I forget, they will be launching a new community site at And before it formally launches, BDJ and Pantene wants to celebrate women who #choosetoshine. Sign up at and get the chance to receive a special Pantene Treatment kit FOR FREE! 

For more details about the 2014 Belle De Jour Planner, you may visit/buy at You can also check out their Facebook Page at

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