Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is your dream home? Mine would be simple yet conventional. It would seem complete and modern. And for those who know me too well, my dream home must have a rocking entertainment system to watch my favourite movies with. Each of us has our dream home personified. And last July 1, Samsung, together with the SM Appliance Center helps you complete your perfect home with their latest innovation that will make your house “the place to be”.

As a leader in digital convergence technology, Samsung has put together a new look in the SM Appliance Center with the S-Path – the epitome of a Samsung Convergent ecosystem. Because of their unyielding passion for excellence, the brand made it easier for you to check out their newest Smart TVs, Smartphones, Smart Cameras, Bluetooth and NFC enabled speakers, laptops and Wi-fi capable printers and air-conditioners in a one-stop place where only the top of the line Samsung products are unveiled. 

When you go to SM Appliance Center Makati, the S-Path is a replica of a home that functions with convenience through convergent appliances and gadgets from Samsung. During its launch, we had a walk-through of the S-Path and a small family waited inside to show us the featured Samsung Products. It was engaging and interactive as the Dad showed us his office space with the Samsung laptop that transforms into a tablet, his Smart camera for his hobby, his Samsung printer and how it’s not just all work but a little bit of play with his Samsung Galaxy S IV and his Smart TVs.

Moving on to the kitchen, we saw the Mom proudly welcoming us in her spacious and Samsung inspired area. She loves her Refrigerator so much because she can put a lot of food in it while keeping them fresh and healthy. She also showed us her Wi-Fi controlled air-conditioner and her washing machine and dryer.

What interested me the most is their son’s room – its interactive, modern and very techie. His gadgets are a feast in the eyes and I want them installed inside my space too. 

Are you thinking of a home overhaul? Visit the Samsung Convergence Area at the SM Appliance Center in SM Makati and see how much more fruitful and enjoyable a family’s life is when supported by a Samsung World.

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