Tuesday, May 21, 2013

With Daniel Padilla's boy-next-door charm, its no doubt that he's one of the hottest teen stars in the country today. But what's even captivating about him are his signature hairstyles. But how is he able to achieve his different hair looks so effortlessly? Daniel uses Grips Clay FX as it provides an amazing matte hair styling experience with its perfect hold, texture, minus the stickiness.

I have blogged about Grips Clay FX early this year and my boyfriend is now using them too, everyday. The great thing about Grips Clay FX is its EasyWash Formula! Normally, the EasyWash formula is an add on for other brands wherein you have to purchase the more expensive version of the regular product. But with Grips Clay FX, the premium features are all in--Pro-Vitamin B5 for healthy hair and EasyWash Formula.

Grips Clay FX 75g jar is priced at Php 86.90 while the 5g sachet sells at Php 4.35

For more info about the Grips brand, you may visit their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/gripsbrand

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