Saturday, May 11, 2013

When my Lola's still alive, I used to hang out with her while she cooks my favorite dishes. It has always been a treat for me because she makes simple recipes more inviting when the family is around. Going to the new East Wing of the Shangri-La Mall, the Filipino restaurant, Zarzuela, you could discover the closest place to home.

During the Spanish times, zarzuela or a dramatic play is very popular in our country because of its musicals and colorful acts. In Zarzuela (by Savor), a play of Filipino flavors is in the place. Your authentic Pinoy dishes are given a twist, while being married to the heirloom recipes that they belong to. 

Mango Juice (Php89)
More than its sumptuous dishes, Zarzuela has the homey ambiance. I can imagine bringing the whole family here and know that they will feel definitely cozy. And since Mother's Day is just around the corner, why not give her a break from all the cooking and treat her with their special flavors?

Munggo Sabaw Sosyal (Php249)
Munggo Sabaw Sosyal is their bestseller at their soup selection. Now who says you should only eat munggo on a Friday? This is made with chorizo bits, sili leaves, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. See how sosyal it is? A simple and traditional dish made modern. 

Pusit Tisay (Php549)
Pusit Tisay is not your average Adobong Pusit. If you got used to having squid ink on your plate, Zarzuela made your usual pusit, fabulous. 

Beef Tapa (P289)
At Zarzuela's menu, a flower on the side of the dish's name tells you that its a bestseller. I'm surprised why their Beef Tapa isn't marked. We can't get enough of this! Its texture is bacon-like yet it's made of beef. It is a portion of a salty-sweet panfried US Beef Shortplate. And with its price, I'm pretty sure we'd even want to have a second serving. 

Smoked Sardine Efuven (Php259)
Efuven's origin is Bacolod. It may look like the crispy noodles you used to munch when you were a kid, but this one is soft and yummy. The dish is paired with smoked sardines with tomatoes and flaked bangus bits. 

Fountain of Youth (Php199)
Remember how get-togethers are intense, with your uncles singing videoke, while munching on their pulutan? Well, the Fountain of Youth is your not-so-average appetizer. Made of strips of pork belly, this is paired with green mango, bagoong dip and vinaigrette. So hello, extra pounds. 

Crab and Shrimp Relleno (Php499)
This premium Crab and Shrimp Relleno cakes are simply the best in their seafood dishes. Served with calamansi hollandaise, you'd feel as if you're lounging next to the beach and having your vacation then and there. My aunts would definitely love these. 

Pinangat (Php229)
The Pinangat is best for those who love Bicolandia dishes. These tender gabi leaves are stuffed with strips of pork bell and cooked in rich coconut cream. Its both sweet and spicy, but its bearable. 

Savor Maruya (Php129)
If your usual maruya is boring, the Savor Maruya is topped with vanilla ice cream, sweetened langka, dulce de leche and chocolate sauce. This is yummy and sweet in so many levels.

Mouth-watering, isn't it? Zarzuela's take on your favorite dishes makes these Filipino cuisines traditional yet somehow modernized. Its a place I could be in a date with the boyfriend or lunch with the parents.

Zarzuela is located at the 6th Floor East Wing, EDSA Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong City. For reservations and inquiries, you may contact them at 0919-9613476.

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